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Twenty years after first starting work on its script, Jennifer Saunders has this week promised that the Absolutely Fabulous movie will finally begin filming some time this year.

Written by Jon O'Brien. Metro, 5th January 2015

Jennifer Saunders, 56, is determined that the film, titled Edina and Patsy, will be made by the end of the year.

Written by Nigel Pauley. The Sunday People, 3rd January 2015

Jennifer Saunders, the Absolutely Fabulous writer, wants everyone who has ever appeared in the BBC series to have a role in the film version.

Written by Tim Walker. The Telegraph, 23rd July 2014

We're mad for Absolutely Fabulous this month. We've featured its best guest stars, Edina and Patsy's best put downs and even Bubble's finest moments, but there's one more countdown that we need in our lives - Edina Monsoon's best falls, be they under the influence of drugs, alcohol or, well, anything else she can lay her Laquoixed hands upon.

Written by Jon B. So So Gay, 29th June 2014

Jennifer Saunders has revealed that she hopes to see the Absolutely Fabulous film in cinemas by late 2015.

Written by Katy Finbow. Digital Spy, 26th May 2014

Saunders jokes that the film has to happen after Dawn French bet her £100,000 that it wouldn't.

Written by Emma Daly. Radio Times, 4th January 2014

No look was too loud, no colour too bright, for Edina Monsoon, but the woman behind the fictional fashionista prefers demure.

Written by Anna Tyzack. Telegraph Fashion, 21st December 2013

Absolutely Fabulous creator Jennifer Saunders has revealed that she is close to writing the movie of the comedy television series.

Written by Alice Newbold. The Telegraph, 17th December 2013

After much speculation, Jennifer Saunders revealed there will be an Ab Fab movie - as soon as she can make herself sit down and put pen to paper.

STV, 10th December 2013

Joanna Lumley has confirmed that Absolutely Fabulous creator Jennifer Saunders has an idea for a movie version of the cult classic.

Written by Carl Greenwood. The Mirror, 30th November 2013

Jennifer Saunders says she hopes to get the long-discussed Absolutely Fabulous film off the ground next year.

BBC News, 9th October 2013

Joanna Lumley has revealed that she is interested in future Absolutely Fabulous projects.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 24th January 2013

Ab Fab star Joanna Lumley has insisted there is plenty of puff left in Patsy - as she vowed to never retire.

The Sun, 18th December 2012

Crack open the Bolly - the return of Absolutely Fabulous has been nominated for an International Emmy.

Written by Sherna Noah. The Independent, 8th October 2012

Joanna Lumley has said Ab Fab could go on forever, as she and Jennifer Saunders have discussed continuing until their characters are over 100 years old.

Metro, 25th August 2012

The recent trio of Absolutely Fabulous specials arrive on DVD - offering an unfortunate reminder of how this once mighty sitcom has fallen.

Written by Larushka Ivan-Zadeh. Metro, 2nd August 2012

In Absolutely Fabulous, Edina wailed: "There's so much new stuff happening, I just can't keep up." She could have been talking about the comedy itself for this was a tired revival, proving yet again that John Cleese was right to institute a rule for sitcoms you could call the 12 Steps - two series of six then goodbye.

Aidan Smith, The Scotsman, 29th July 2012

I watched (after the first 10 minutes, at gunpoint) the Absolutely Fabulous Olympic "special". If I suggested we call it Absolutely Dreadfulous I would still, if lazily, have come up with a better gag than was allowed to enter the programme.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 29th July 2012

I don't wish to raise unnecessary alarm, but there was a rather strange development at BBC1 last Monday as the continuity guy introduced the Absolutely Fabulous Olympic special. Because these were his exact words: 'Next tonight, comedy gold as Eddie and Patsy get into the Olympic spirit.'

My initial concern here was that the BBC appeared to have caught a nasty case of 'reviewing our own show' disease, which medical sources suggest was first brought into this country by a Mr S Cowell, of London. Half an hour later.

If this is to be the last we see of their grotesque creations they will never be able to say with any degree of honesty that they went out on a high.

I had an even greater problem. Namely, how do I go about suing the national broadcaster for a flagrant breach of the Trades Descriptions Act?
Because this was not gold of any kind, least of all comedy. In fact, for the most part it wasn't comedy of any kind, either.

Yes, there was the odd wry Olympics observation, although nothing that could touch the satirical majesty of BBC2's brilliant Twenty Twelve. And yes, there was a very clever sight gag when Patsy held up Eddie's body contouring all-in-one.
But the rest of the jokes were so lame that on more than one occasion I swear I spotted Derek Redmond's dad rushing up to help them over the line.

They saved the worst one - a real stinker about Clare Balding which I cannot even bring myself to commit to print here - until near the end. (Presumably the thinking was that they would get away with it because most people would have switched off by then.)

Of course, it is Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley I feel most sorry for. If this is to be the last we see of their grotesque creations they will never be able to say with any degree of honesty that they went out on a high.
In Olympic terms, they never even got near the podium.

At best it had the feel of a tired and uninspired end-of-the-run panto. At worst it was like watching a low-rent drag act spewing out filth and innuendo in the vain hope of getting at least one laugh in a grotty East End pub.

Plus, it was in no way helped by the most irritatingly intrusive laughter track in history, which featured one spectacularly loud woman who sounded like a hyena on HRT being fed into a woodchipper.

On a more positive note, it will have provided a welcome boost to David Jason's ego. Because thanks to some of the physical comedy on show here, his performances in The Royal Bodyguard have now slipped to No 2 on this year's Most Toe-Curling TV Slapstick chart.
David can also boast that the BBC didn't hijack his show and fill it with sneaky and self-congratulatory plugs for their upcoming Jubilee coverage. Jennifer Saunders didn't get off so lightly.

First say (the criminally wasted Julia Sawalha) had a line about how much better the TV coverage of the Olympics is in Britain than in Africa. Then Gran (the genuinely wonderful June Whitfield) gave the BBC another premature pat on the back with this closing thought: 'I don't understand why anyone would actually want to be there when they can watch it in comfort on the good old Auntie Beeb.'

Ian Hyland, The Daily Mail, 28th July 2012

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley jointly carried the Olympic flame in London, a day before the opening ceremony. The pair, famous for their roles as Edina and Patsy in the hit comedy Absolutely Fabulous, held the torch together as they jogged along the King's Road in Chelsea.

BBC News, 26th July 2012

Joanna Lumley says "It's all up to Jennifer Saunders if there will be more. If she writes a film, I'll be in it."

Written by Andrew Williams. Metro, 26th July 2012

Absolutely Fabulous triumphed in last night's (July 23) ratings for its Olympics special, according to the latest overnight data.

Written by Paul Millar. Digital Spy, 24th July 2012

This onslaught of Olympic-related programming won't last. The bad news is it'll be replaced with the real thing.

Written by Stuart Heritage. The Guardian, 24th July 2012

Leaping on the Olympics bandwagon like a botoxed hippo on a trampoline came Absolutely Fabulous, possibly the last ever outing for Eddy and Patsy. It had its moments but it's probably best not to flog this horse too much further. I want to remember Pats at her drop-dead best, not literally dropping dead and leaking when she sneezes. The best bit: Bubble on the beam (well, the back of a settee, actually).

Keith Watson, Metro, 24th July 2012

Absolutely Fabulous built the last of its three specials around Eddy and Patsy's wild excitement about the Olympics. It isn't the sport they're interested in, obviously, but the imminent arrival of Michael Douglas, who has rented Eddy's house and who they see as a passport to A-list Olympic parties. "I shall be wearing my buttocks as a head-dress by the time that man arrives," announced Eddy, who plans a major make-over.

Unfortunately, she's not been paying very close attention to the calendar and doesn't realise she's left it too late, a mistake she feels is forgivable: "It's been everywhere for five bloody years! Excuse me if I missed that it's actually bloody started. It's been like tinnitus." Dames Kelly Holmes and Tanni Grey-Thompson and Stella McCartney offered themselves up as straight-women for Patsy and Eddy's faux pas and there was a brief, slightly baffling visit to the Olympic Stadium, during which both women enjoyed an unconvincing reverie of athletic glory. And then, after quite a few raucous laughs, it just stopped, as if nobody had quite worked out where the finish tape was. But I did enjoy Eddy's protest as she was bundled out of the stadium by a security guard: "You're discouraging me from taking up sport!"

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent, 24th July 2012

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