That Mitchell & Webb Sound. Image shows from L to R: David Mitchell, Robert Webb. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

That Mitchell & Webb Sound

A new series of this comedy is in production.

Radio sketch series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb which laid the foundations for their TV sketch show, That Mitchell and Webb Look

That Mitchell And Webb Sound
Sketch Show
2003 - 2013  (BBC Radio 4)
29 (5 series)
David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, James Bachman, Sarah Hadland
David Mitchell, Robert Webb, James Bachman, Mark Evans, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Chris Reddy, John Finnemore, Jonathan Dryden-Taylor, David Quantick, Simon Kane
British Broadcasting Corporation

Before That Mitchell And Webb Look, David Mitchell and Robert Webb starred in this BBC Radio 4 series. It featured many sketches that TV viewers will now know and love.

That Mitchell & Webb Sound is the birthplace of Numberwang, the Party Planners, the Lazy Film Writers, Big Talk, Ted and Peter the snooker commentators, and The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken-Ceaser (originally called Sir Digby Ceaser-Salad).

It is also home to several sketches yet to transfer to television, such as arts programme Imagine That; the lonely late-night DJ, Adrian Locket; The Old Lady Hearings, in which everyone has to explain what they do to a panel of old ladies who then decide if it's a proper job or not; Brown's Orthopedic Supplies, a very ordinary office that just happens to have among its office equipment a portal to another universe - if only the staff would use it responsibly and not just nip through it for a crafty fag; and a show on under-5s' TV channel CBeebies hosted by Christopher Hitchins.

Our Review: For fans of That Mitchell And Webb Look, this earlier, Sony Award-winning radio show is more than worthy of note: many of the duo's most famous creations (for example, the self-questioning Nazis) began life in this series.

A fairly prevalent view amongst fans is that many sketches, such as the snooker commentators, actually work better on the radio - so if you're a fan of That Mitchell And Webb Look, definitely seek out these radio episodes too.

Excitingly, after a long break, the duo are now back on Radio 4 for a new series.