House On Fire. Vicky Johnson (Emma Pierson). Image credit: Pacificus Productions.

House On Fire

Sitcom about Vicky and Matt, who decide to buy a house together in these credit crunch times, despite being strangers to each other

2010 - 2013  (BBC Radio 4)
18 (3 series)
Emma Pierson, Jody Latham, Rupert Vansittart, Janine Duvitski, Philip Jackson, Seb Cardinal, Fergus Craig, Colin Hoult
Dan Hine, Chris Sussman
Pacificus Productions

When first-time buyers Matt and Vicky set their heart on the same two-bedroom house in Brixton, they realise neither of them can afford it by themselves.

Once their parents have helped them out, they agree to pool their resources and buy the property together. What could go wrong? She seems friendly and intelligent, and is definitely easy on the eye. He seems kind, funny and is undeniably cute. Not only is this a sensible financial move, it could end up being a great way of making a new friend for life. Or it could turn out to be the worst move they ever made?

House On Fire is a comedy series about two strangers who buy a house together, and then discover that they hate each other. Stuck together, but too financially intertwined to extricate themselves, Matt and Vicky must put up with each other's annoying habits before they lose their minds. Constantly at loggerheads, occasionally at war, each pulls out all the stops to try make the other leave.

Secretly, they might love each other - but if they do, they've got a funny way of showing it.

Our Review: We were quite entertained by this sitcom, particularly Vicky - Emma Pierson has managed to make the character both scary (she's a bit of a psychopathic control freak) and, at the same time, sexy & loveable too.

The parents, who were sadly mainly peripheral characters, were also fun - Matt's parents are clearly pleased to see the back of him (his mum Julie even managed to turn down his house party invite before they've been invited), whilst Vicky's father was obviously harbouring a few dark secrets.