2011 Fringe press clippings

Here is a collection of the last 80 external press items that are related to comedy shows at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. To find press about a specific show locate that show's listing.

Edinburgh fringe 2011 - The year that was

Record ticket sales as Edinburgh fringe draws to close

Jo Caulfield: Express service through festival

The Fringe on the Green - Edinburgh Golf

Heard the one about the bloke who couldn't tell jokes?

Comedy review selection

Edinburgh Comedy Awards - Who's who?

Edinburgh Comedy Awards to be announced

TV is making comedy better - and worse

Through the Edinburgh keyhole

Nica Burns: queen of Edinburgh comedy

BBC Radio Scotland Comedy at the fringe

New faces take centre stage for comedy awards

Why is the joke voted best less funny than the worst?

Bruce Dessau on Edinburgh Comedy Award shortlist

Edinburgh comedy award 2011 shortlist: who's who?

Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards: Who will win?

2011 comedy awards: Who should have the last laugh?

Is the political joke on its way back to power?

Best use of objects in Edinburgh 2011 fringe comedy

Is an hour too long for a comedy set?

Edinburgh Festival in pictures - Behind the Fringe

Edinburgh fringe festival: A giant comedy trade show?

Stand up and be counted: The best of the fringe

Bruce Dessau: The Rest of the Best of the Fest

Julian Hall - comedy at Edinburgh

Fringe bosses warn of 2012 technician shortage

Stand's Sheppard beats Underbelly's Wood to board

What to see (or not to see)?

Edinburgh Fringe comedy cook-off

Ian Smith Edinburgh blog #3 - Phil from Japan

Why are comedy groups white, middle class 20 somethings

A selection of fringe comedies

Heard the one about the posh comedian? You will

Edinburgh fringe comedy round-up

Comedy doesn't travel... you need to be in the room

This week's new comedy: Edinburgh special

Video: Roisin Conaty's show brings fate to the fringe

Top 10 jokes at the Fringe

The best of the Fringe

Video - Edinburgh Festival 2011: The Hamiltons

Spoof self-help gurus have pulling power

Video: Comedy, music and chat from Edinburgh Tonight

Edinburgh's first comedy audio tour launched

Who is getting five stars at the Fringe?

A dreadful guide to Edinburgh - Reed, Ker and Tuck

When Andrew met Glenn

When Andrew met Sammy

Do you have to go to be in the know?

Go on, make an interactive idiot of yourself

The Boy with tape on his Face & Tom Stade

Meet the comics finding humour in the darkest subjects

Why doing comedy at the Fringe isn't funny

Magicians pull out funny new tricks

Improvisation on the fringe - video

Suicide Tuesday on the fringe

Stand-up for kids is not actually child's play

For comedians, this is the only show in town

Why do so many comedians head up to the city each year?

Funniest jokes from the festival

Ian Smith Edinburgh blog #2 - late and still alive

North stars fast becoming Edinburgh Festival favourites

Everyone's a racist, in their own way...

Edinburgh fringe comedy roundup

Fringe comedy: Laughing all the way to the bank

This week's new comedy: Edinburgh special

Fringe Comedy - go with the show

Going it alone

What counts as comedy?

Radio presenters beat Stand comedians in football match

Nichol, Pleasance & Traverse scoop Fringe First awards

Seeing stars

Waverley Care want jokes to #laffoffstigma

Comedians need quick thinking for new London scripts

Fringe performers to stage flash-mob snogfest

Lloyd Langford's Not Many People Know That!

We're still waiting to laugh about the riots

Fringe debut: The Two Wrongies and Asher Treleaven

When it's better to be funny-looking?

Doug Stanhope: I can't stand Edinburgh fringe festival