Youngers. Image shows from L to R: Jay (Calvin Demba), Davina (Shavani Seth), Yemi (Ade Oyefeso). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.


E4 comedy drama. 16 episodes (2 series), 2013 - 2014. Stars Calvin Demba, Ade Oyefeso, Shavani Seth, Arinze Kene, Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott, Dee Kartier and others.

Youngers - Series 1

Youngers - Series 1

Leave school to pursue the dream of making it in the music industry? For talented rapper Jay, it's a no-brainer. But his producer and best friend Yemi has just aced his exams, got a place at college and a future. Jay is looking at a career fixing boilers with his dad. A local 'Open Mic' competition gives Jay the chance to test his friend's commitment to making music. Is it going to be Yemi's life, or just a hobby? Fresh, funny and full of swagger, Youngers is a show about growing up surrounded by music.

Includes a behind the scenes feature with Mandem on the Wall.

First released: Monday 13th May 2013