Youngers. Image shows from L to R: Jay (Calvin Demba), Davina (Shavani Seth), Yemi (Ade Oyefeso). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.


E4 comedy drama. 16 episodes (2 series), 2013 - 2014. Stars Calvin Demba, Ade Oyefeso, Shavani Seth, Arinze Kene, Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott, Dee Kartier and others.

Video Clips

The Great Peckham Jerk Off

Dutchie and Uncle Errol wanna put the matter of who does the best Jerk Chicken to bed once and for all!

Series 2, Episode 8 trailer

How will the series end?

From Series 2, Episode 8.

Series 2, Episode 7 trailer

Are Jay and Yemi still Badmen?

From Series 2, Episode 7.

Series 2, Episode 6 trailer

Things are ramping up for the Youngers, but will it all fall apart?

From Series 2, Episode 6.

Yemi Can't Be Alone

There's awkwardness in bedroom politics... and toilet trips are not allowed.

From Series 2, Episode 3.

Olders vs Youngers

Jay's plumbing prowess isn't quite what it should be.

From Series 2, Episode 3.