W1A. Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville). Copyright: BBC


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 2014 - 2020
  • 14 episodes (3 series)

Spin-off from Twenty Twelve in which Ian Fletcher and Siobhan Sharpe now find themselves working for the BBC. Stars Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes, Jason Watkins, Monica Dolan, Hugh Skinner and more.

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BBC or W1A - can you tell the difference? Quiz

Can you tell the difference between spoof plots and actual Beeb statements or gaffes?

Dimple Vijaykumar, The Guardian, 5th July 2015

A part in W1A would be knockout, Prince Edward decrees

It feels like only 28 years since the prince's Grand Knockout Tournament. Surely the BBC show could do with a lift from his comic genius?.

Marina Hyde, The Guardian, 2nd July 2015

DVD review: W1A series 1 and 2

It is admirable that the BBC has produced something that is so critical of itself. However, in general, too many of the characters either speak in catchphrases ("I'm not being funny but...") or obstructive cliches (responding to a question with an unhelpful "brilliant" rather than answering it) that it is sometimes as frustrating as the media world it predicts. Otherwise and I'm not being funny or anything but it's all good.

Chris Hallam, Chris Hallam's World View, 16th June 2015

BBC bashers keep comparing everything to W1A

It's been a busy week of BBC bashing in the media and it seems anybody and everybody doing so is duty bound to liken everything to a scene from BBC comedy W1A.

Will Sturgeon, The Media Blog, 29th May 2015

W1A: series 2 review

With a script consisting of quick, quirky and snappy lingo together with 'buzz' words that one would associate with many industries and sectors, the second series of W1A has completed a four episode series and the show is certainly getting 'stronger' and indeed 'better'. There's a royal visit thrown in for good measure, too - with hilarious consequences.

Helen McWilliams, The News Hub, 17th May 2015

We love W1A, but is BBC wise to lay bare foibles?

The gloriously self-mocking comedy is a sign of the corporation's maturity. But in the current climate, it could be a godsend for detractors.

Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian, 15th May 2015

This week, Hugh Bonneville's Ian Fletcher and his team are tasked with tackling "inclusivity targets" for a cross-parliamentary watchdog; soon the acronyms are flowing like skinny soya macchiatos. BBC London's hirsute new weather presenter Sadiq Iqbal proves key to Bame - black, Asian and minority ethnic - targets, so he's "viralised" by Siobhan, using the hashtag #beardyweather, to highlight his ethnic credentials. However, Sadiq isn't particularly happy to be trending nationwide.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 14th May 2015

Radio Times review

Ian Fletcher, the BBC's head of values, knows how to set aflame the hearts of his female colleagues. In Twenty Twelve, as head of Olympic deliverance, he was the object of his secretary Sally's silent devotion.

Now he's taken the fancy of brutal Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish) and personable, sensible Lucy Freeman. Both women cast covetous glances at the hapless chap in the final episode of John Morton's knowing sitcom.

Ian's (Hugh Bonneville) well disposed to Lucy (Nina Sosanya) but there's little time for romance when a perfect storm of nonsense involving a BBC London weather man and a female presenter blows up and threatens to engulf the management team. It's all Siobhan's fault, of course.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 14th May 2015

What could happen in series three of W1A?

As we bid farewell to Hugh Bonneville's Ian Fletcher and his idiotic BBC colleagues, writer John Morton tells RadioTimes.com he is keen to focus on charter renewal in another series in 2016.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 14th May 2015

W1A, series 2, episode 4, TV review

Funny? Yes, but we've heard all these jokes before.

Chris Bennion, The Independent, 14th May 2015

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