Very Important People. Image shows from L to R: Morgana Robinson, Terry Mynott. Copyright: Running Bare Pictures
Very Important People

Very Important People

  • TV sketch show
  • Channel 4
  • 2012
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Impressions show starring Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott. Stars Morgana Robinson, Terry Mynott, Liam Hourican and Francine Lewis.

Press clippings

Channel 4 axes impressions show Very Important People

It has been revealed that Channel 4 has axed Very Important People, the impressions show starring Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott.

British Comedy Guide, 13th December 2012

The world according to Morgana Robinson

"Not many women are prepared to make themselves unattractive just to get a laugh". Luckily, she will do anything for a giggle - which is probably why her biting new TV impressions show, Very Important People, is such a hit.

Louise Gannon, Daily Mail, 9th June 2012

Impressionists Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott are so talented that their middling material is compensated for by the sheer pleasure of watching them work. The show sets itself up as a satire of celebrity culture but it's a weak one at that. Instead, simply sit back and enjoy Robinson and Mynott's considerable skill at mimicry. Highlights include The Only Way is Essex airhead Amy Childs presenting the news.

Toby Dantzic, The Telegraph, 24th May 2012

Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott interview

Comedians Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott have revived TV impressionism - and they have no shortage of ridiculous celebrities to send up.

Laura Barton, The Guardian, 22nd May 2012

With Rory Bremner no longer a regular presence on our screens, and the likes of Jon Culshaw, Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona failing to deliver much bite, there was a definite gap in the market for a risk-taking, quick-witted impressions show - until about three weeks ago, when this excellent series abruptly filled it. It showcases a handful of enjoyably sharp sketches lampooning the likes of Bear Grylls, Simon Cowell, the Gallagher brothers, Fearne Cotton and Amy Childs. Particular highlights are Brian Cox admitting that he buys his vintage leather jackets from Urban Outfitters, and Adele singing her drinks order to a barman in a pub.

Pete Naughton, The Telegraph, 17th May 2012

The impressions show with Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott continues. The mimicry is good, especially Mynott's, but what they've found to say about their targets is disappointingly bland. Russell Brand talks like this. Natalie Cassidy's a bit dumpy. It's not enough. And there's got to be a less clunky way of introducing impressions than: "I'm Gordon Ramsay." We know. And if we can't tell, don't do the impression. Like so much that has gone before, VIP falls into the "sometimes clever but not that funny" category.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 11th May 2012

Are our politicians too bland to bother impersonating?

Celebrities rather than leaders are the butt of today's mimics, says Gerard Gilbert.

Gerard Gilbert, The Independent, 1st May 2012

VIP is a star treat for lampooned celebs

None of the celebs who feature in new Channel 4 show Very Important People has failed to see the funny side of being mocked.

The Sun, 30th April 2012

This new impressionism show started on Channel 4 this week as part of a big comedy line up on the channel (along with 8 Out of 10 Cats, Alan Carr: Chatty Man and Stand Up For the Week).

It features Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott impersonating a certain range of people. In this first episode there's heavyweight political figures but instead that particular class of usually pointless celebrity - the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Amy Childs and Danny Dyer.

Now for me impressionism usually has one big problem, which is trying to get the performer to look like the person they are pretending to be as well as getting to sound like them. That's why I think the best impressionism shows are Spitting Image and the radio version of Dead Ringers, because in both shows you don't see the performers, only the image in your head, or the rubbery visage.

In terms of this show, I'm not the best to judge the quality of the impressions, although that's because I tend not to watch most of the shows that those particular people perform in. I've never watched The Voice or Embarrassing Bodies, so I don't really know what Jessie J or Dr. Christian Jessen sound like.

However, in terms of the ideas that were generated, I found them to be good. I liked the sketch in which David Attenborough was observing Frankie Boyle in his natural habitat, and Fearne Cotton's children's game show in which kids try to act like celebrities.

If I were to be more critical I'd say that the satire isn't as hard hitting as it could be. It's not as vicious as Spitting Image was, so it's more akin to Dead Ringers in that respect. But still, it's a decent enough programme and should do well in my opinion...

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 30th April 2012

Brilliant impressions by ace mimics Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott on Channel 4's passable new comedy offering Very Important People.

But the dazzling duo's alleged all-out attack on celebrity culture was about as hard hitting as Daybreak.

Therefore, it wasn't very funny.

How mortified must Gordon Ramsay be that Terry has noticed he swears a lot? Wow!

And Danny Dyer will be reeling after Morgana depicted him as a bit of a Cockney. Who knew?

Why spoil Mr Mynott's seamless Bear Grylls with far-fetched tosh about him doing a George Michael in the Gents? Hee hee.

What VIP needs to do is hit 'em where it hurts. Below the hypocrisy belt.

Eg... Gord Almighty pretending he was a crack-spear fisherman when he couldn't catch a cold.

Or born contriver Grylls tucked up in a warm hotel when he was supposed to be braving the harsh conditions of the wilderness.

In fairness... don't suppose Frankie Boyle enjoyed being portrayed as a nasty little troll. And Jonathan Woss's ongoing midlife "kwisis" showed potential.

Go for jugular. Simply copying self-satisfied stars is pointless...

Kevin O'Sullivan, The Mirror, 29th April 2012

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