Two's Company. Image shows from L to R: Robert Hiller (Donald Sinden), Dorothy McNab (Elaine Stritch). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

Two's Company (1975)

ITV sitcom about an American and her English butler. 29 episodes (4 series), 1975 - 1979. Stars Elaine Stritch and Donald Sinden.

Series 3

1. The Invitation

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd January 1978

Robert and Dorothy return to London after a Scottish holiday to find an invitation to lunch at Buckingham Palace on the mat; cue a mad rush to get the American into a suitably English state of dress and manner!


2. The Freezer

First broadcast: Sunday 29th January 1978

A product of the nation that gave the world the "baked bean", Robert considers freezers to be the sign of a lazy cook, destroying the individual. Unfortunately, Dorothy's already ordered one. It's just a matter of who holds the stronger will...


3. The Pet

First broadcast: Sunday 5th February 1978

Dorothy has her heart set on getting a dog. As ever, Robert does not share her enthusiasm, and with a particularly highly strung woman selling the bitch, it looks like he may get his way.


4. The Take-Over Bid

First broadcast: Sunday 12th February 1978

Dorothy's chauffeur, Vincent, and his wife make a bid for Robert's job in the McNab household. Robert's happy to call their bluff. Dorothy is a little less enthusiastic...


5. The Virus

First broadcast: Sunday 19th February 1978

Both Robert and Dorothy are struck down with a mystery illness. Bed-ridden, neither have anyone to look after them, and tensions rise to breaking point when a market researcher comes to the door!


6. The Critic

First broadcast: Sunday 26th February 1978

A mystery critic, 'Humilitas', has picked up a prize tearing into Dorothy's work in The Telegraph. She's definitely not at all bothered by it, and delighted to be attending a local literary circle meeting later the same day!


7. The Picnic

First broadcast: Sunday 5th March 1978

It is Dorothy's birthday, and she decides that she wants a picnic in the beautiful English countryside. Much to Robert's dismay, she soon invites two loud American friends, and things immediately start going awry...


8. The Politicians

First broadcast: Sunday 26th March 1978

Dorothy invites two MP friends to the house to discuss an idea she's had. With one of them Conservative and one a socialist, there's bound to be tension - but from and towards whom?


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