Two's Company. Image shows from L to R: Robert Hiller (Donald Sinden), Dorothy McNab (Elaine Stritch). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

Two's Company (1975)

ITV sitcom about an American and her English butler. 29 episodes (4 series), 1975 - 1979. Stars Elaine Stritch and Donald Sinden.

Series 2

1. The Reluctant Traveller

First broadcast: Sunday 24th October 1976

Dorothy must make a trip to New York, and wishes Robert to accompany her. Unfortunately she doesn't want to spend a week aboard the QEII, and he's scared of flying!


2. The Burglary

First broadcast: Sunday 31st October 1976

Returning home from a routine shopping trip, Robert and Dorothy find that the house has been burgled, along with another three doors down the road. But having forgotten his credit card and popped home to collect it, Robert worries that he'll have been seen and suspected of the crime...


3. The Rubbish

First broadcast: Sunday 7th November 1976

When the bin men refuse to empty Dorothy's rubbish without payment, all hell breaks loose. With house's drains blocked, Dorothy calls an official from the council to come and sort the matter. But his interference merely serves to bring the two parties closer together - against him!


4. The Honeymoon

First broadcast: Sunday 14th November 1976

Dorothy enlists Robert's help in bringing a young but already estranged married couple back together.


5. Robert's Record Player

First broadcast: Sunday 28th November 1976

In a bloodless war with her next door neighbour, Dorothy has Robert escalate the volume of his favourite cathedral music record, a composition by Bach. The neighbour chooses to respond by taking her to court over the matter...


6. The Guests

First broadcast: Sunday 5th December 1976

Robert gets a silent religious order, staying at the house on Dorothy's invitation, to help with some much-needed work around the property.


7. The Cleaning Ladies

First broadcast: Sunday 19th December 1976

Robert's driven away Dorothy's fifth cleaning lady, and so the hunt for a sixth must begin. A brash, rude Australian and a giggly English girl arrive for the job within minutes of each other, but will either meet Robert's exacting requirements?


Christmas Special: A Loving Christmas

First broadcast: Saturday 25th December 1976

Both Robert and Dorothy tell the other that they are going away for Christmas, whilst really planning to romance a partner at the house. And then a surprise visitor turns up on the door step...


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