Trying Again. Image shows from L to R: Meg (Jo Joyner), Matt (Chris Addison). Copyright: Avalon Television
Trying Again

Trying Again

  • TV comedy drama
  • Sky Living
  • 2014
  • 8 episodes (1 series)

Sky Living comedy drama about a man whose fiancée has had an affair with her boss. Stars Chris Addison and Jo Joyner. Stars Chris Addison, Jo Joyner, Charles Edwards, Alun Cochrane, Elizabeth Berrington and more.

Press clippings

The Thick of It alumni Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell make the tricky genre of heart-warming comedy-drama look easy in this touching and funny series about a couple (Addison and Jo Joyner) giving their relationship a second chance.

Catherine Gee, The Telegraph, 20th March 2015

Chris Addison's likable comedy has picked up the pace over the last few weeks and tonight's episode is a cracker. Jo Joyner has shaken off her EastEnders misery-shackles and is in her element delivering Meg's one-liners, as she puzzles over whether to paint the spare room a baby-friendly colour. Then there's the issue of ex-lover Iain's uncomfortable engagement party. Matt spends the night stuck in a web of lies about his imaginary past in Afghanistan when he's forced to discuss military life with his war-obsessed landlord.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 29th May 2014

Radio Times review

Iain's engagement party is a low-key affair. Meg (Jo Joyner) is in the throng, still trying not to be envious of the woman who's now receiving her old squeeze's comforting, Michael Palin charm. While Iain worries that his hitherto unseen father-in-law will turn out to be exactly his age and temperament, Matt (Chris Addison) is tied up with a gang of local military nerds. The white lie that he was the skinniest hero in Helmand threatens to turn dark.

It's not the strongest episode, because the ongoing dramas take up space where traditional, farcical pay-offs should be, but there are glints of brilliance everywhere. Addison's drunk acting is a joy, and be sure to arrive on time for the pre-titles sequence, where Iain treats some difficult elderly patients.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 29th May 2014

Radio Times review

Every sitcom worth its salt needs to include a dinner/house party episode at some point, so now is as good a time as any for this agreeable romantic comedy.

Matt and Meg have decided to throw a housewarming dinner. Flushed with sensible intentions, they've invited Iain and his girlfriend in the hope of drawing a line under Meg's affair. The pall of impending disaster is as thick as the aroma of Matt's Thai green curry.

When Iain offers some help in the kitchen, a simmering pot of repressed emotions rises to the boil. The free-flowing wine adds to the chaos. Meanwhile, best pals Gail and Sam are supposedly on hand to act as buffers, but when the atmosphere sours they form a misguided plan of escape.

If you're a fan of painfully awkward comedy, writer Tony Roche (The Thick of It) delivers in spades.

Paul Whitelaw, Radio Times, 15th May 2014

Radio Times review

Time spent with these characters pays off in this, the fourth episode of Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell's comedy and the most assured yet. We feel as if we're on the journey with Matt (Addison) and Meg (the terrific Jo Joyner) as they attempt to move on from her affair, the latest stumbling block being that Ian, her boss and former lover, has a new (hot, young) girlfriend.

Meg insists she's not jealous, a heavyweight lie that the show quite accurately portrays as part of a workable, even enviable relationship. Another way in which Matt and Meg become real is their sense of humour: there are two moments here where they make each other laugh. Sitcoms almost never allow that to happen, but it's like the curtains have opened and sunlight's streamed in.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 8th May 2014

This sweet natured comedy is turning into a nice little midweek highlight. Chris Addison and Jo Joyner are completely at ease and convincing as Matt and Meg as they continue to try to patch up their marriage. And the wonderful Elizabeth Berrington may be Stella's loss but is this show's gain as Matt's flaky sister who takes centre stage after a car accident.

Kathy Griffiths, South Wales Evening Post, 8th May 2014

Chris Addison's and Simon Blackwell's relationship sitcom is warming up. The third episode was the best so far with a spot-on skewering of an awkward spa date.

Alice Jones, The Independent, 2nd May 2014

Radio Times review

It's the physical side of Matt and Meg's relationship that's being rebuilt this week. In one of the show's many unobtrusive little gender reversals, he (Chris Addison) is the one prevaricating and she (Jo Joyner) keeps being rebuffed. Off they trot for a weekend at a spa hotel, where an imposing timetable of relaxing activities, not to mention some hideous corporate guests and the establishment's fantastically awful receptionist (Sophie Fletcher), threaten to monkey with their mojo.

Again it's somewhat gentler than it needs to be, which can be frustrating since everyone involved has previously shown they've got comic lead in their pencils. Sympathy and believability are its strong suits: already Matt and Meg are mates we enjoy popping round to catch up with.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 1st May 2014

There is just time highly to recommend Sky Living's Trying Again, a bittersweet comedy starring Chris Addison and Jo Joyner as a young couple trying to salvage their relationship following her affair with her boss.

The script is witty, the comedy is unforced, the characters are likeable and the emotions on display all ring true.

Harry Venning, The Stage, 29th April 2014

Jo Joyner interview

"Ignorance is bliss and when I first met them all, I didn't really know how amazing they were."

Daily Record, 27th April 2014

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