Trinity. Image shows from L to R: Dr Gabriel Lloyd (Michael Higgs), Dr Edmund Maltravers (Charles Dance), Charlotte Arc (Antonia Bernath), Dr Angela Donne (Claire Skinner). Copyright: Roughcut Television.


ITV2 comedy drama. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Charles Dance, Claire Skinner, Christian Cooke, Reggie Yates, Antonia Bernath, Isabella Calthorpe, Michael Higgs and others.

Dr Edmund Maltravers

Played by: Charles Dance
Trinity. Dr Edmund Maltravers (Charles Dance). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Devious, acerbic, brilliant and rather sinister - Dr Edmund Maltravers has been Dean of Trinity for over 20 years. Although supposedly second in command of the college, he knows the place better than anyone else and has his Machiavellian way in most things.

Rigidly traditional, Maltravers detests those who would change his beloved Trinity - not least because they might uncover dark secrets he would rather keep quiet. Edmund has many reasons to keep the Dandelion Club going and so is locked in a fierce battle with Angela, who is trying to find a way to close it down.

Dr Angela Donne

Played by: Claire Skinner
Trinity. Dr Angela Donne (Claire Skinner). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Angela is the new Warden of Trinity, in name she's head of the college. A determined, rather lonely soul, she had a torrid time at the archaic college as a student and is now determined to make the whole college fair, modern and welcoming to women - unfortunately Maltravers is determined it stay unfair, old fashioned and as beastly to women as possible.

It's going to be a hard fight for Angela - especially since old memories of her student days return to haunt her - particularly in the form of Charlotte, the daughter of the man who broke her heart, Richard Arc.

Thankfully, in her political battle against Maltravers she has the help of Theo and Charlotte, and the support of Dr Lloyd, a man who is still quite obviously infatuated with her.

Dorian Gaudain

Played by: Christian Cooke
Trinity. Dorian Gaudain (Christian Cooke). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Dorian is the forty-second Earl of Colfax and eldest son of the Marquis of Ravensby, born with a full set of silver cutlery in his mouth. He's handsome, raffishly witty and can rock a waistcoat like few others. He's also President of Trinity's Dandelion Club, which means he doesn't have to do any work, but does get to shag, party and effectively rule the college.

Life for Dorian is a constant whirl of sex and debauchery. But this year it looks like that could all change: he is going to have to protect the Dandelion Club against a new, progressive Warden, and his egoism against the transforming influence of the beautiful Charlotte.

Theo Mackenzie

Played by: Reggie Yates
Trinity. Theo Mackenzie (Reggie Yates). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Theo is a clever kid from Lewisham who came to Trinity to make his parents get off his case. He never expected the place to be so... weird. Still, Theo's a happy-go-lucky sort, and not the kind of guy to let a vicious, elitist regime get him down, and after a few initial qualms he's knuckling down to make the best of things - helped by the fact he's hooked up with the fittest girl in the year, Rosalind.

Unfortunately, Rosalind is Dorian's cousin - and Dorian is very much against anyone dating his cousin. This has setup a bitter rivalry between Dorian and Theo, made worse by the fact Theo makes a public stand against the Dandelion Club.

Charlotte Arc

Played by: Antonia Bernath
Trinity. Charlotte Arc (Antonia Bernath). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Swotty but fiery Charlotte has always wanted to go to Trinity. Her father, Richard, was once a Don there, and though he always refused to talk about it, she always imagined she'd follow in his footsteps and he'd be proud of her. But when he dies mysteriously only two weeks before she's due to attend the college, it completely ruins freshers' week.

Charlotte, a Christian, has got issues to deal with - not least the fact that she's getting up to a lot of things her clergyman father wouldn't approve of. Although she detests Dorian's attitude and personality, some how Charlotte finds herself on more than one occassion being taken advantage of by the cad.

Rosalind Gaudain

Trinity. Rosalind Gaudain (Isabella Calthorpe). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Rosalind is Dorian's cousin - his equal for good looks and witty insouciance, she's also a lot cleverer than him. She's an ice queen and social goddess, used to getting what she wants.

At present, she rather wants Theo Mackenzie - the slightly rough kid from Lewisham who lives down her corridor. But how long will that last? As Rosalind says to Theo: "Some people have got it and some people have to earn it. I've got it, you've got to earn it."

Dr Gabriel Lloyd

Played by: Michael Higgs
Trinity. Dr Gabriel Lloyd (Michael Higgs). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Doe-eyed sweetie Gabriel was best pals with Angie Donne back in their student days, and stayed on to become one of Trinity's most respected young (that is, under 50) Dons. Happy within the system until now, Angela's return means he's torn between his duty to Maltravers and his (not very secret) love for the Warden.

Soon Gabriel is voting in favour of Angela's proposals at various council meetings - something which clearly infuriates Maltravers. Gabriel must now watch out as it can't be long before Maltravers 'punishes' this switch in allegiances.

Angus Fergus

Played by: Mark Wood
Trinity. Angus Fergus (Mark Wood). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Scottish student Angus is a profoundly average male. He is best friends with Raj and, after meeting at the school gates, the two are never seen apart.

Pursuing nothing more than their next spliff and the dim possibility that one day a girl might sleep with them, Angus and Raj somehow always get themselves entwined in the most important goings-on at Trinity.

Raj Puri

Played by: Arnab Chanda
Trinity. Raj Puri (Arnab Chanda). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Things rarely work out well for chilled out Raj and best friend Angus - in fact most of the time they end up naked, and not in a good way.

The duo's lack of luck might have something to do with the fact that Dorian has convinced them to sign up and become the Dandelion Club fools. Thus the pair find themselves stuck in a box clad only in tiny thongs, glued to each other as a fake gold statue and taking part in many other such degrading acts.

Angus and Raj think that their participation as the fools will get girls to notice them and lead to the sex they crave... but it's clearly not working.

Maddy Talbot

Played by: Elen Rhys
Trinity. Maddy Talbot (Elen Rhys). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Air-headed Maddy loves bright colours and things beginning with the letter N. A kid from the valleys who's been ploughing her own furrow for so long, Maddy can't remember normality.

She's a slightly bemusing friend to Theo and Charlotte. She has got a hopeless crush on Theo, but he doesn't notice.

Maddy is in possession of the hour glass that Maltravers and Professor Cooper are desperately searching for, but she doesn't yet realise its significance.

Jonty Millingden

Played by: Tom Hughes
Trinity. Jonty Millingden (Tom Hughes). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Arrogant, rude and cruel Jonty is the son of an oil executive and Vice-President of the Dandelion Club. He is happy with a life spent sneering, braying and shagging his gorgeous boyfriend Ross, Trinity's star rower.

However, Ross starts going a little crazy and soon winds up dead. What will Jonty do to avenge his former lover?

Professor Linus Cooper

Played by: Paul Hunter
Trinity. Professor Linus Cooper (Paul Hunter). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Professor Linus Cooper is an extremely twitchy academic working on a secret project with Maltravers. He is rarely seen in public, but instead is locked away working on some complicated looking medical files.

He appears to be working on a project called 'Galahad', which is clearly the code name for the subject of their research. According to Cooper 'Galahad' is not doing well and they need a new 'hourglass' to continue.