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Tim Vine Travels In Time

New TV sitcom in development. Stars Tim Vine.

New and in development. Details are liable to change.

Tim Vine Travels In Time

Comedy in which Tim Vine goes travels back in time and meets Robin Hood

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Tim Vine
Tim Vine

Master of the pun Tim Vine journeys back in time to the days of Robin Hood in a quest to mend a golden arrow and a broken heart.

Tim runs an antique shop and owns a special Grandfather clock which can transport him back in time. His very first customer is a surprise celebrity guest, who asks for help in mending an ancient golden arrow. In order to help, Tim steps inside his Grandfather clock and travels back to the days of Robin Hood where he meets Maid Marion and his soon to be arch enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin bears an uncanny resemblance to the celebrity guest and Tim soon discovers Robin's archery skills are failing and Marion has turned her romantic attentions to Tim himself.

Can Tim find out why Robin has lost his skills and reunite Robin and Marion? And will he repair the broken arrow?

This show was first piloted for BBC One in 2011, but the episode was not shown on TV. A version for Radio 2 was broadcast in March 2017.

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