Till Death Us Do Part. Image shows from L to R: Mike Rawlins (Anthony Booth), Rita Rawlins (Una Stubbs), Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell), Else Garnett (Dandy Nichols). Copyright: BBC.

Till Death Us Do Part

BBC One sitcom about a bigoted man and his family. 54 episodes (pilot + 7 series), 1965 - 1975. Stars Warren Mitchell, Dandy Nichols, Una Stubbs, Anthony Booth and others.

Series 4

1. To Garnett A Grandson

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th September 1972

Despite Rita giving birth to his new grandson, Alf is a reluctant hospital visitor as he would much rather be down the pub. A brief moment of bonding with the baby is quickly interrupted by indignation when he hears Mike's proposed name for the infant.


2. The Pigeon Fancier

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th September 1972

There's a celebration down the pub as Alf receives his post-war credit tax rebate, but when one of the other drinkers brags about his racing pigeons, Alf is certain he can double his windfall...


3. Holiday In Bournemouth

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th September 1972

Alf is a reluctant member of the family trip to the seaside - with the sunburn, taxi drivers and local railway he finds plenty to moan about, but he is no match for the hotel proprietress!


4. Dock Pilfering

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th October 1972

After an early morning rant at the breakfast table about economics, politics and religion, Alf finds that Else has taken her revenge when he opens his lunch box at work. While his colleagues are pilfering food all around him, Alf is left to starve - or go against his principles...


5. Up The Hammers!

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th October 1972

Both Mike and Alf end up in the doghouse after their latest argument, focusing on football, proves to be the end of Rita's tether. A further quarrel about the sharing of babysitting duties for baby Michael ensues but both men are off to watch football, so Rita and Else take him with them to the shops - where he promptly goes missing.


6. Alf's Broken Leg

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th October 1972

A broken leg has made Alf more cantankerous than usual and, in an effort to lighten his mood, a trip to the pub is organised. When some youths offer to help Else push his wheelchair, Alf gets an unexpected end to his journey...


Short Insert: The Royal Variety Performance

First broadcast: Sunday 5th November 1972

The family sit down to watch The Royal Variety Performance and soon discuss what is - and isn't - suitable for Royal entertainment.


Christmas Special: Jesus Christ Superstar

First broadcast: Tuesday 26th December 1972

After seeing hit rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar in the West End, the Garnetts bump into the show's cast in a nearby pub and Alf is not slow to offer his advice! Christmas Day proves to be the usual round of arguments, booze, politics and forgotten presents - and then there's the watch Alf bought from a guy down the pub...


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