Till Death Us Do Part. Image shows from L to R: Mike Rawlins (Anthony Booth), Rita Rawlins (Una Stubbs), Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell), Else Garnett (Dandy Nichols). Copyright: BBC
Till Death Us Do Part

Till Death Us Do Part

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1965 - 1975
  • 54 episodes (7 series)

Opinionated Alf Garnett reels off a string of misinformed, bigoted, reactionary opinions each week, to the chagrin of his family. Stars Warren Mitchell, Dandy Nichols, Una Stubbs, Anthony Booth, Alfie Bass and more.

Till Death Us Do Part trivia

Warren Mitchell was the last member of the family - then the Ramseys - to be cast, with Anthony Booth the first. The part of Alf - originally named Joe - was first offered to Arthur Haynes.

Episode titles were not publicised after Series 2, and inconsistently named in other official materials beyond then. We have opted to use those versions currently in use in BBC archiving systems and on DVD releases.

A ground-breaking comedy, Till Death Us Do Part proved immediately popular with the general public but highly controversial amongst many commentators. The series drew regular ire from "clean up TV" campaigner Mary Whitehouse, who took exception to the graphic language used by the characters.

Gretchen Franklin played the part of Else Ramsey in the original Comedy Playhouse pilot episode, but when the first series was commissioned had to turn down returning to the role due to ongoing stage commitments in the West End. She instead recommended her friend Dandy Nichols for the role in her place.

Peter Sellers was producer Dennis Main Wilson's first choice for the part of Alf, but was busy with film projects. Warren Mitchell came third, after Leo McKern, but Lionel Jeffries had also been given some element of consideration.

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