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Series 1, Episode 1

The Tuckers. Image shows from L to R: Glyn Tucker (Steve Speirs), Peggy Tucker (Lynn Hunter)
Someone has swiped Glyn's wing mirrors and he's out for revenge. Meanwhile, family head Peggy is having the time of her life - but with who?

Further details

Glyn Tucker is left devastated after his beloved mobility scooter is dismantled by a crafty thief but he's determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Meanwhile Billy and Bobby carry out a job for Clock that inevitably causes the local constabulary to visit the Tucker home. Next door, Natalie is full of glee as her new Italian flame moves in, much to the annoyance of her estranged husband, Bobby Tucker.


This episode is substantially reworked from the pilot. It was written to be the second in the series and has been switched with Episode 2 for repeat runs.

Broadcast details

Friday 10th January 2020
BBC One Wales
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 16th January 2020 10:00pm BBC2 Wales

Cast & crew

Steve Speirs Glyn Tucker
Robert Pugh Murphy
Lynn Hunter Peggy Tucker
Joshua McCord Billy Tucker
Ben McGregor Bobby Tucker
Alexandria Riley Natalie Tucker
Hope Reynolds Shakira Tucker
Jams Thomas Clock
Francois Pandolfo Roberto
Guest cast
Tim Treloar PC Rod Rogers
Jennifer Sims WPC Sam Graham
Alan David Dai 'Up and Down'
Writing team
Steve Speirs Writer
Owen Bell Script Editor
Production team
Ian FitzGibbon Director
Owen Bell Producer
Steven Canny Executive Producer
James Dehaviland Line Producer
Chris Blunden Editor
Stephen Nicholas Production Designer
Louise Cross Casting Director
Zoe Howerska Costume Designer
Pete Rowe Director of Photography
Danny Marie Elias Make-up Designer
Geraint Havard (as Geraint Havard Jones) 1st Assistant Director
Paul Forde Commissioning Editor


TV review: The Tuckers, BBC One Wales

Some critics have suggested that the sitcom is a negative portrayal of working class Welsh valley stereotypes. I don't have a problem with that (though of course I'm not from the Welsh valleys). I'd have just liked it to have been funnier.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th January 2020

TV review: The Tuckers Series 1 Episode 1

King Gary contained portrayals of working class characters that suffered from a surfeit of toxic masculinity and unfortunately so does this, I'm sure it's a coincidence they both went out on the same night and were presumably commissioned at different times and by different people, but it's unpleasant to see such a thing twice on the same evening. With The Tuckers you have two fathers who treat their sons appallingly, as Glyns Dad deliberately wants his son to be miserable and so tells his granddaughter to steal from him, while Glyn himself calls Bobby a pussy for apologising for punching Roberto, it's ugly, ugly stuff and something I found painfully unfunny.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 12th January 2020

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