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Alan Carr: Ship sailed for Friday Night Project reunion

Alan Carr thinks "the ship has sailed" for a Friday Night Project reunion.

Female First, 15th May 2017

Rob Rouse interview

Remember Rob Rouse's stint on The Friday Night Project? No? Well, he has been all-but airbrushed from that particular bit of comedy history. Is he bitter? Let's find out...

Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide, 3rd June 2010

Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins to go seperate ways

Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins are to end their telly partnership. Their hit show The Sunday Night Project will end after three years as Alan wants out.

Sara Nathan, The Sun, 17th July 2009

The Sunday Night Project: A Rant

More fool me. I gave The Sunday Night Project another try last night, but it's still a hopelessly awful format.

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 5th January 2009