The Peter Principle. Peter Duffley (Jim Broadbent). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions
The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1995 - 2000
  • 13 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom starring Jim Broadbent as a inept bank manager. Also features Claire Skinner, David Schneider, Daniel Flynn, Tracy Keating, Jeanette Legge and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Jim Broadbent Peter Duffley (Series 1-2)
Claire Skinner Susan Harvey (Series 1-2)
David Schneider Bradley Wilson (Series 1-2)
Daniel Flynn David Edwards (Series 1-2)
Tracy Keating Brenda (Series 1)
Jeanette Legge Iris (Series 1)
Stephen Moore Geoffrey Parkes (Series 1-2)
Beverley Callard Barbara (Series 2)
Wendy Nottingham Evelyn (Series 2)
Writing team
Mark Burton Writer (Series 1-2)
John O'Farrell Writer (Series 1-2)
Dan Patterson Writer (Series 1-2)
Production team
Nick Wood Director (Series 1-2)
Jez Nightingale 1st Assistant Director (Series 1)
Nick Rae 1st Assistant Director (Series 2)
Dan Patterson Producer (Series 1-2)
Denise O'Donoghue Executive Producer (Series 1-2)
Jimmy Mulville Executive Producer (Series 2)
Mark Burton Associate Producer (Series 2)
John O'Farrell Associate Producer (Series 2)
Mykola Pawluk Editor (Series 1-2)
Colin Pigott Production Designer (Series 1)
George Kyriakides Production Designer (Series 2)
Suzanne Crowley Casting Director (Series 1)
Gilly Poole Casting Director (Series 1)
Tracey Gillham Casting Director (Series 2)
Jacqueline Parry Costume Designer (Series 1)
Peter Morgan Director of Photography (Series 2)
Rebecca Allen Costume Designer (Series 2)
Christine Cant Make-up Designer (Series 1)
Lucy Cain Make-up Designer (Series 2)
Colin Innes-Hopkins Lighting Designer (Series 1)
Chris Kempton Lighting Designer (Series 2)
Mark Russell Composer (Series 1-2)

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