The Lenny Henry Show. Image shows from L to R: Winston (Vas Blackwood), Delbert Wilkins (Lenny Henry). Copyright: BBC.

The Lenny Henry Show (1987)

BBC One sitcom about a self-styled superstar. 12 episodes (2 series), 1987 - 1988. Stars Lenny Henry, Vas Blackwood, Ellen Thomas, Michael Mears and others.

Series 2

1. Back To My Roots

First broadcast: Thursday 15th September 1988

"All right, there may have been a blip in my TV career ratings, and the new, legal Brixton Broadcasting Corporation may be too middle-of-the-road for a fast-lane dude like Delbert Wilkins so, maybe it's time for a bit of DIY? Or rather, DIW - Do it, Winston!"


2. Enterprise Zones

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd September 1988

"This must be a mistake, right? Geezers getting money out of banks with no questions asked and no nylon tights over their heads! I'd better check this out. Not that Delbert Wilkins needs dosh, of course ... especially when it's Winston asking for it!"


3. The Single Life

First broadcast: Thursday 29th September 1988

"Okay! The Big Brixton Posse, Delbert and Winston, is back together, out gigging again. The music's crucial, the floor is hot, the crowd immense! Just a minute, my girlie, Claudette, is trying to whisper sweet and sour nothings in my ear. This could be serious, guy!"


4. In-Laws And Out-Laws

First broadcast: Thursday 13th October 1988

"Alex's Brixton Broadcasting Cor-what-a-Bore-ration and Crucial FM are in totally fierce competition. I should be sharpening up my play-list, but my mum wants me to hang with my new stepfather, Trev - that's 'T' for 'Trouble' ... 'R' for 'Rigid'!"


5. The Crucial Health

First broadcast: Thursday 20th October 1988

"Just because I'm laid up in hospital doesn't mean that Delbert Wilkins is out of action, right? I'm officially 'crucial' not 'critical'! Besides, this way everyone comes to see me - even Constable Lillie. Yes, Delbert Wilkins is wearing an 'I Heart Hospitals' t-shirt, because he feels he can really operate in them!"


6. Public Enemy

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd November 1988

"Winston is reading this out for me, because my broken jaw's got more wire round it than Greenham Common!"