The Lenny Henry Show. Image shows from L to R: Winston (Vas Blackwood), Delbert Wilkins (Lenny Henry). Copyright: BBC.

The Lenny Henry Show (1987)

BBC One sitcom about a self-styled superstar. 12 episodes (2 series), 1987 - 1988. Stars Lenny Henry, Vas Blackwood, Ellen Thomas, Michael Mears and others.

Series 1

1. Sonny Sidles Up

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th October 1987

He may be Brixton's 'Prince of Cool', but how will pirate broadcaster, style-counsellor and fashion model Delbert Wilkins handle the hot potato of an unexpected intrusion into his private life?


2. Leg Of Darkness

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd November 1987

Alex invests in some meat of dubious origin, so Julie, the kebab house's one-woman Green Party, tries to convince Delbert of the difference between 'crucial' and 'critical'.


3. Play Misty Blue For Me

First broadcast: Tuesday 10th November 1987

Delbert is the confident Cupid of the Brixton Broadcasting Corporation's 'soul search' phone-in.


4. Money's Too Tight To Mention

First broadcast: Tuesday 17th November 1987

Delbert's belief in the cash-free society is put to the test.


5. Out On Bails

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th November 1987

Delbert and PC Monkhouse plan a cricket match to improve Brixton's community-police relations, but Sergeant Lillie is determined to put a riot shield in their wheel.


6. A Mega-Star Is Born

First broadcast: Tuesday 1st December 1987

The kebab house goes up-market, the radio station goes middle-of-the-road, and Delbert's mum just goes.... forcing Delbert Wilkins, star of the 'BBC', to wonder where his future lies.