The Gaffer. Image shows from L to R: Fred Moffat (Bill Maynard), Harry (Russell Hunter), Betty (Pat Ashton). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

The Gaffer

ITV sitcom. 20 episodes (3 series), 1981 - 1983. Stars Bill Maynard, Russell Hunter, Pat Ashton, David Gillies, Don Crann and Alan Hockey.

Series 1

1. All In A Day's Strike

First broadcast: Friday 9th January 1981

It's just another day for Fred Moffat, long suffering managing director of his own light-engineering company, when Harry, the shop steward, threatens to down tools.


2. A Seat On The Board

First broadcast: Friday 16th January 1981

Harry, the shop steward, is at it again - this time he has out-manoeuvred and outgunned Fred to the extent that he is now on strike outside of his own factory!


3. Albert

First broadcast: Friday 30th January 1981

Betty has managed to get her cousin Albert a job in the factory and it's not too long before he is causing mayhem. It seems that a lot of ingenuity will be required to help him find the exit door...


4. Dear Old Pals

First broadcast: Friday 6th February 1981

A friend of Fred's from their army days starts working at the factory - but his military methods are not popular on the factory floor...


5. The Trouble With Women

First broadcast: Friday 13th February 1981

Fred has often moaned that the factory is plagued by women but when his secretary Betty takes a holiday, the temporary replacement, Rose, makes him regret his outbursts.


6. England Exports...

First broadcast: Friday 20th February 1981

In an attempt to boost his sales overseas, Fred finds his efforts are not welcomed by his staff or his clients - and, for his part, the bank manager has a lot to say about proceedings as well.


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