The Gaffer. Image shows from L to R: Fred Moffat (Bill Maynard), Harry (Russell Hunter), Betty (Pat Ashton). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

The Gaffer

ITV sitcom. 20 episodes (3 series), 1981 - 1983. Stars Bill Maynard, Russell Hunter, Pat Ashton, David Gillies, Don Crann and Alan Hockey.

Series 2

1. Flesh And Blood

First broadcast: Friday 26th February 1982

Fred's problems increase when his ever-loathing son, Spencer, is kicked out of university and asks his father for a job - worse still, he enlists the aid of shop steward, Harry.


2. Take Your Partner

First broadcast: Friday 5th March 1982

There are cash flow problems at Moffat Engineering Works and, with the bank manager on his case, Fred has to look elsewhere for investment ...


3. Give Up

First broadcast: Friday 12th March 1982

Losing customers to hated rival Joe Gregory is one thing but stealing his secretary is another - Fred Moffat does not take defeat lightly ...


4. A Day To Remember

First broadcast: Friday 19th March 1982

Fred is not happy when shop steward Harry stays away from work and tries to claim sick pay. He is also a little concerned about the part salesman Stan is playing in his absence.


5. Wheeler Dealer

First broadcast: Friday 26th March 1982

The work force are, once again, demanding pay rises so it doesn't help his cause when he starts looking for a new car after his old one breaks down...


6. Unfit As A Fiddle

First broadcast: Friday 2nd April 1982

Charlie has a problem with his girlfriend's brother, Bad Back Barker, because he won't get work. Fred decides to give him a job but his motives are not philanthropic.


7. The Candidate

First broadcast: Friday 9th April 1982

When Fred offers himself up as a candidate to the major parties at the local council election, his forthright views win him few friends. He decides to stand for a new party - his own!


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