The Gaffer. Image shows from L to R: Fred Moffat (Bill Maynard), Harry (Russell Hunter), Betty (Pat Ashton). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

The Gaffer

ITV sitcom. 20 episodes (3 series), 1981 - 1983. Stars Bill Maynard, Russell Hunter, Pat Ashton, David Gillies, Don Crann and Alan Hockey.

Series 3

1. Blackleg

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th May 1983

Betty takes a leaf out of Harry's book and asks for a pay rise - when Fred refuses Betty pickets the office door and gets reciprocal support from Harry sees it as a way to get his bonus. Fred gives a temporary job to Charlie's girlfriend, Mary, in order to avoid paying either of them ...


2. Spring

First broadcast: Tuesday 31st May 1983

For once, it looks like Ginger's libido has worked in Fred's favour as he has been chatting up a managing director's daughter - but will he be able to benefit from the arrangement?


3. Moonlight And Ruses

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th June 1983

Fred visits Joe Gregory's office and warns him off Harry who is moonlighting for Joe. As he leaves the office, the new buyer for Garfords mistakes him for Joe and Fred tries to use it to his advantage ...


4. Council Of War

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th June 1983

Having been elected to the council it's time for Fred to stop the likes of his arch-rival, Councillor Joe Gregory, from milking the system ...


5. There Goes The Bride

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st June 1983

When he finally gets an order, Fred is horrified that his best worker, Charlie, is getting married and going on honeymoon during the 14-day delivery date. In order to get things sorted Fred becomes best man and a dog lover ...


6. Full Of Eastern Promise

First broadcast: Tuesday 28th June 1983

Fred has introduced the Japanese system in the factory but not to streamline production - just to get them all at each others throats ...


7. Goodbye

First broadcast: Tuesday 5th July 1983

When Ginger's girlfriend keeps ringing the factory, it causes Fred to give up and pack his bags ready for a new life Down Under! A workers co-operative take over the factory but how long will it be before factory goes down under as well!?


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