Peter Cook
The Establishment Club

The Establishment Club

  • TV comedy that was never broadcast
  • RT
  • 2019
  • 1 series

Satirical comedy series fronted by Keith Allen.

Press clippings

Jesters For Putin: The comics breaking through on RT

For Victor Lewis-Smith, the comedian, producer, and regular contributor to Private Eye, putting his new show on RT, the channel formerly known as Russia Today was simple: "In recent years, mainstream broadcasters seem to have given up on investing in edgy and boundary-pushing satire."

Andrew Learmonth, Bella Caledonia, 5th January 2018

Art of political war compared to a comedy club & Disney

A comedian I know was recently asked about the possibility of appearing in the UK-produced comedy series which Russian TV station RT is apparently planning to screen next year. He said he would not appear on RT, which is financed by the Russian government. I think he was wrong. All publicity is good publicity and, if he is allowed control over his own material, I see no real problem.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 2nd October 2017

Putting the bite back into comedy

Against the odds, Russian TV is beating UK PSBs in the satire game, says Victor Lewis-Smith.

Broadcast, 28th September 2017

Has comedy become too PC?

They say that much of the right-wing backlash being observed in the political mainstream across the world stems from how overly PC society has become. And if that's true, comedy may have a lot to answer for.

Jack Peat, The London Economic, 7th August 2017

New TV format based on Peter Cook's satirical Establishment club

Peter Cook's satirical brand The Establishment is due to be revived for a new TV series on Russia Today, with a talent search for new comedy voices about to get under way.

British Comedy Guide, 3rd August 2017

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