The Café. Image shows from L to R: Richard Dickens (Ralf Little), Sarah Porter (Michelle Terry). Copyright: Jellylegs.

The Café

Sky One sitcom about a seaside cafe. 13 episodes (2 series), 2011 - 2013. Stars Ellie Haddington, Michelle Terry, June Watson, Ralf Little and others.

Carol Porter

Played by: Ellie Haddington
The Café. Carol Porter (Ellie Haddington). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Carol runs the cafe. She is a worrier and has big, burden-bearing shoulders.

Her current biggest worries are that her daughter Sarah hasn't got a boyfriend, and that the business is in financial difficulty. Despite trying things like launching a new menu, it looks like the business could be taken away from her soon.

Sarah Porter

Played by: Michelle Terry
The Café. Sarah Porter (Michelle Terry). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Sarah left for London - the city, the Big Smoke - to fulfil her dreams. It didn't work out and now she's back in Weston.

She is attempting to pursue a writing career, but so far hasn't had much luck with finding a writing agent.

Many of her old school adversaries still live in the area and are frequent visitors to her mum's café.

Mary Ellis

Played by: June Watson
The Café. Mary Ellis (June Watson). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Mary is the grandmother of the family and it was her late husband Cyril who originally opened the café. He died 15 years ago and Mary's daughter Carol has been keeping it going. Mary comes in every morning with Carol and then just sits in her armchair talking to whoever comes in, listening and passing comment.

Mary doesn't say a huge amount but, when she does, it's usually something to make you smile. She is a nice lady and rather saucy as well.

Richard Dickens

Played by: Ralf Little
The Café. Richard Dickens (Ralf Little). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Richard is a care home assistant by day and a musician by night.

He is a warm, genuine person and a talented musician, but has very little ambition - he never went off to make it as a rock star because it never occurred to him. He's perfectly happy to stay in the town that he grew up in, work in a nursing home and teach guitar on a weeknight. Richard is the butt of the jokes and a bit awkward, but there's a lot more to him.

Richard and Sarah were together in sixth form and have remained friends, but he's always held a torch for her. And now she's back living in the town...

Chloe Astill

The Café. Chloe Astill (Phoebe Waller-Bridge). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Chloe is Sarah's friend. She is completely wild, lives her life with glorious abandon and has a genuine lust for life. Chloe is happy with who she is, and where she is.

She works at the local hairdressers - but why anyone turns up to get their hair cut by her is a mystery, as she is terrible at customer service.

Keiran Barker

Played by: Kevin Trainor
The Café. Keiran Barker (Kevin Trainor). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Kieran is a living statue along the promenade of Weston, the town he has grown up in with Sarah, Richard and co. He thought about going to drama school but, after a few unsuccessful auditions, stumbled upon a slightly different career path.

Kieran puts a lot of time and effort into his costumes, which are pretty spectacular - Hellboy and Avatar are two choices.

How he makes any money standing on the empty seafront is anyone's guess.

Stan Astill

Played by: David Troughton
The Café. Stan Astill (David Troughton). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Stan is Chloe's father and the local florist. A cheery chap, he is a frequent visitor to the café... due, in the most part, to his fondness for Carol.

Mary has noticed he's sending love signals in the flowers he is choosing to give to the cafe. The rose is perhaps the biggest hint.

Brenda Kiely

Played by: Seeta Indrani
The Café. Brenda Kiely (Seeta Indrani). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Brenda, a local successful entrepreneur, seems all smiles and niceness... but it looks like she might end up taking the family business away.

Frank Dobson

Played by: Brian Murphy
The Café. Frank Dobson (Brian Murphy). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Mr Dobson is one of the regulars at the cafe. Even though he's married to Alice, do we detect that he is flirting with Mary?

Alice Dobson

Played by: Marcia Warren
The Café. Alice Dobson (Marcia Warren). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Alice is a prim-and-proper regular guest at the cafe. She sits with her husband and Mary in the corner, passing away the time.

Phil Porter (Series 2)

Played by: Robert Glenister
The Café. Phil Porter (Robert Glenister). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Phil is Carol's ex-husband and Sarah's dad.

He is the area as he is a photographer, and Brenda has hired him to shoot a Weston tourist brochure.

Jason (Series 2)

The Café. Jason (Kobna Holdbrook-Smith). Copyright: Jellylegs.

Jason is a young man serving community service at the allotments.

John Streatfield (Series 1)

Played by: Daniel Ings
The Café. John Streatfield (Daniel Ings). Copyright: Jellylegs.

John grew up in Weston, but is now a successful events manager in London. He returns to Weston to visit his elderly mother. He doesn't plan to stay long, but then he spots Sarah...