The Treason TV Show. Mark Brailsford
The Treason TV Show

The Treason TV Show

  • TV sketch show
  • Latest TV
  • 2020 - 2022
  • 28 episodes (4 series)

Topical satirical sketch comedy show performed by Mark Brailsford.

Key cast & crew credits

Mark Brailsford Various
Writing team
Mark Brailsford Writer
Gary Beard Writer
Jason Smart Writer (Series 1-3)
Rebecca Bain (as Becca Bain) Writer (Series 2-4)
Alex Garrick-Wright Writer (Series 2-4)
Simon Levenson Writer
Katy Matthews Writer
Noel Christopher Writer (Series 2-4)
Simon Paul Miller Writer (Series 2-4)
Trevor Rudge Writer (Series 2-4)
John Cowen Writer (Series 1-2)
Sian Jasper Writer (Series 1-3)
Martin Welsh Writer
Dick Grant Writer (Series 1)
Alice Gregg Writer (Series 2)
Lynda Kennedy Writer (Series 2)
Colin Buchan Writer (Series 2-4)
Michael Day Writer (Series 3-4)
Chris Ballard Writer (Series 4)
Mary Blaine Writer (Series 4)
Mark Brailsford Script Editor (Series 1-2 & 4)
Production team
Mark Brailsford Director
Mark Brailsford Producer
Mark Brailsford Editor

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