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Series 1, Episode 1

If you think your family is annoying, wait until you meet the stars of this hidden camera show. The only thing they love more than each other is playing pranks on the public!


This episode was dedicated to Ed Forsdick, 1965 - 2011.

Broadcast details

Friday 29th March 2013
Sky One
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 31st March 2013 11:30pm Sky1
Friday 5th April 2013 7:30am Sky1
Saturday 20th April 2013 1:30pm Sky1
Sunday 21st April 2013 3:30pm Sky1
Saturday 27th April 2013 12:00pm Sky1
Sunday 28th April 2013 8:00am Sky1
Saturday 15th June 2013 7:00am Sky1
Saturday 15th June 2013 11:00am Sky1
Saturday 29th June 2013 12:00pm Sky1
Sunday 25th August 2013 12:00pm Sky1
Saturday 31st August 2013 7:00am Sky1
Wednesday 24th June 2015 9:00am Sky2
Sunday 19th July 2015 9:00am Sky2
Sunday 19th July 2015 9:30am Sky2
Monday 3rd August 2015 4:00am Sky1
Sunday 9th August 2015 4:00am Sky1
Friday 28th August 2015 5:00am Sky1
Saturday 6th February 2016 1:00pm Sky1

Cast & crew

Vincent Davies Dad
Sharon Gavin Mum
Leila Hoffman Gran
Paris Omar Emma
Joseph Walsham Jack
Megan Winnard Katy
Guest cast
Seb Craig Gerry
Chizzy Akudolu Aunt Precious
Writing team
Myles Jenkins Writer
Tom Beck Writer
Tim Allsop Writer (Additional Material)
Maia Dunphy Writer (Additional Material)
Paul Garner Writer (Additional Material)
CiarĂ¡n Morrison Writer (Additional Material)
Mick O'Hara Writer (Additional Material)
Stewart Williams Writer (Additional Material)
Iain Wimbush Writer (Additional Material)
Paul Young Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Paul Giddings Director
Tom Cohen Director
Atul Malhotra Director
Mike Worsley Director
Lisa Mitchell Director
Myles Jenkins Series Producer
Paul Giddings Producer
Tom Cohen Producer
Atul Malhotra Producer
Mike Worsley Producer
Lisa Mitchell Producer
Duncan Gray Executive Producer
Tom Beck Executive Producer
Ed Forsdick Executive Producer
Rob Smith Edit Producer
Chris Hay Editor
Simon Hughes Editor
Aaron Jamieson Editor
Andy Kinnear Editor
Duncan Mallard Editor
Rob Mansell Editor
Ernesto Rogata Editor
Adam Bokey Editor
Nick Foster Composer

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