Switch. Image shows from L to R: Stella (Lacey Turner), Jude (Nina Toussaint-White), Grace (Phoebe Fox), Hannah (Hannah Tointon). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.


ITV2 comedy drama. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2012. Stars Phoebe Fox, Hannah Tointon, Nina Toussaint-White, Lacey Turner, Reece Noi, Jamie Davis, Fiona Hampton and others.

Press Clippings

Lacey Turner's 'Switch' axed by ITV2

Switch has reportedly been cancelled by ITV2.

Morgan Jeffery, Digital Spy, 10th December 2012

Switch episode 6 review

ITV2's fantasy comedy Switch comes to a sweet, light-hearted end with its sixth episode.

Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek, 20th November 2012

Why you should be watching 'Switch'...

In short, it's well-acted campy fun that you can just sit in front of and switch your brain off for an hour. Done right, there's always room for that on TV.

Rob Smedley, Cult Box, 15th November 2012

Switch episode 5 review

I enjoyed last week's Switch more than I have in the three weeks prior, and was praying this penultimate episode of series one would be another winner. It was, even if it was completely different from the hour that came before.

Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek, 13th November 2012

Switch: Series 1 Episode 5 review

We've been hard on Switch recently, but it appears Episode 5 has had a 'slight improvement' spell cast upon it.

Rob Smedley, Cult Box, 12th November 2012

Switch episode 4 review

Dropping some of the silliness in favour of more emotional content is a good move from this week's Switch.

Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek, 6th November 2012

Switch: Series 1 Episode 4 review

The fact is Switch would be a much stronger show if it knew whether it wanted to be a grown up comedy or something for the after-school crowd. As it is, it feels like it's trying to have it's sheep's head stew and eat it.

Rob Smedley, Cult Box, 5th November 2012

Switch episode 3 review

I was pretty unsure about the second episode of Switch last week, and have to say that this third instalment is a big improvement even if it still has some glaring problems.

Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek, 30th October 2012

Switch: Series 1 Episode 3 review

It's the most fully-formed plot of the episode, but it can't last of course. Nothing in Switch ever does, save for the pervading aura of upbeat trendiness.

Rob Smedley, Cult Box, 29th October 2012

Switch episode 2 review

Despite strong cast chemistry, Switch is beginning to test reviewer Caroline's patience. Here's her review of episode two...

Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek, 23rd October 2012