Switch. Image shows from L to R: Stella (Lacey Turner), Jude (Nina Toussaint-White), Grace (Phoebe Fox), Hannah (Hannah Tointon). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.


ITV2 comedy drama. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2012. Stars Phoebe Fox, Hannah Tointon, Nina Toussaint-White, Lacey Turner, Reece Noi, Jamie Davis, Fiona Hampton and others.

Series 1

Switch. Image shows from L to R: Hannah (Hannah Tointon), Jude (Nina Toussaint-White), Grace (Phoebe Fox), Stella (Lacey Turner). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Monday 15th October 2012

Stella, a witch from Camden, is in deep trouble. Summoning her fellow witches home with a "Switch" text, she's desperate to cast a spell to save her skin.

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Switch. Image shows from L to R: Alexa (Fiona Hampton), Romola (Harriet Ballard), India (Sophie Colquhoun), Remy (Katharine Bennett-Fox). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.

2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Monday 22nd October 2012

The Witches of Camden have been hexed. Confronting their arch nemeses, the posh Witches of Kensington, isn't easy but a few champagne cocktails later the two covens seem the best of friends.

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Switch. Image shows from L to R: Lucy (Rosamund Hanson), Stella (Lacey Turner). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.

3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Monday 29th October 2012

Stella hasn't had a date in years. In fact, she's not fancied anyone in years. The girls are forced to confess that they cast a spell years ago to help her forget an ex-girlfriend.

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Switch. Copyright: Touchpaper Television.

4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Monday 5th November 2012

The girls' coven anniversary is approaching, and preparations for celebrations are in place. But when Grace gets mugged, she wants to leave London for good.

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Switch. Mike (Kevin Bishop). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.

5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Monday 12th November 2012

Grace and Gerry's relationship seems to be blooming nicely. Having just split up with Gerry herself, Jude is feeling weird about this.

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Switch. Gloria (Caroline Quentin). Copyright: Touchpaper Television.

6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Monday 19th November 2012

It's the Summer Solstice and the girls go to Grace and Hannah's hometown of Lower Sooth to celebrate.

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