Spy. Image shows from L to R: The Examiner (Robert Lindsay), Marcus (Jude Wright), Tim (Darren Boyd). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.


Sky One sitcom about an ordinary man who joins MI5. 17 episodes (2 series), 2011 - 2012. Stars Darren Boyd, Jude Wright, Robert Lindsay, Dolly Wells and others.

Video Clips

The End of the Mental Affair

Paula fails to accept that she and Tim can't be together.

From Series 1, Episode 5. Featuring: Darren Boyd (Tim), Rosie Cavaliero (Paula).

Spy Interview: Writer Simeon Goulden

Spy writer and creator Simeon Goulden discusses where he got his inspiration, his love for the cast and how it's edgier than your normal pre-watershed comedy.

Spy Episode 3 - School Standoff

Tim's always suspected son Marcus off having more than a little 'Evil Genius' vibe about him. And now he knows for sure.

From Series 1, Episode 3. Featuring: Darren Boyd (Tim), Jude Wright (Marcus).

Spy: Interview Practice

Marcus gives his dad a little interview coaching...

From Series 1, Episode 1. Featuring: Darren Boyd (Tim), Jude Wright (Marcus).

Spy cast interviews 2

Tom Goodman-Hill, Dolly Wells and Jude Wright talk about their characters in Spy.

Featuring: Jude Wright (Marcus), Dolly Wells (Judith), Tom Goodman-Hill (Philip).

Spy cast interviews

Ed Coleman, Rebekah Staton and Mat Baynton chat about why they loved the filming of the show, their favourite stunts and why its taking its inspiration from some of the best comedy ever.

Featuring: Mathew Baynton (Chris), Rebekah Staton (Caitlin), Ed Coleman (Moritz).