Russell Howard's Good News. Russell Howard. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Russell Howard's Good News

BBC Two and BBC Three stand-up hosted by Russell Howard. 97 episodes (10 series), 2009 - 2015. Stars Russell Howard.

Video Clips

The Gay Marriage Debate

Russell looks at Norman Tebbit's reaction to the gay marriage debate.

From Series 8, Episode 6. Featuring: Russell Howard.

Eurovision: The Carnival of Camp

Russell takes a look at the highlights of Eurovision 2013.

From Series 8, Episode 5. Featuring: Russell Howard.

May Contain Nuts

Russell looks at the reason a shop up north has stopped selling peanuts.

From Series 8, Episode 4. Featuring: Russell Howard.

Beating Up a Bus

Russell looks at rugby player Danny Cipriani's incident with a bus.

From Series 8, Episode 2. Featuring: Russell Howard.

Dangerous Flying Flapjacks!

Russell Howard looks at the dangerous snack banned by one school.

From Series 8, Episode 1. Featuring: Russell Howard.

Essential Flood Supplies

With loads of the country flooded, Russell looks at how people are responding.

From Series 7, Episode 10. Featuring: Russell Howard.