Russell Howard's Good News. Russell Howard. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Russell Howard's Good News

BBC Two and BBC Three stand-up hosted by Russell Howard. 97 episodes (10 series), 2009 - 2015. Stars Russell Howard.

Video Clips

Reasons to be glad for Jeremy Paxman

Russell looks at why Britain needs Jeremy Paxman on TV.

From Series 7, Episode 9. Featuring: Russell Howard.

Russell discovers 'Butt Punching'

A Thai woman discovers the secret to youthful-looking skin.

From Series 7, Episode 7. Featuring: Russell Howard.

The REAL reason we are out of recession

Russell Howard looks at why the country is now 'in the money'.

From Series 7, Episode 6. Featuring: Russell Howard.

The scariest story you will EVER see

Russell looks at a man who has something *VERY* dear to him stolen.

From Series 7, Episode 5. Featuring: Russell Howard.

Drunk Children

Russell looks at how a 2 year old kid in Wales accidentally drank whisky.

From Series 7, Episode 4. Featuring: Russell Howard.

The Country Has Gone Boris CRAZY!

Russell looks at how the Mayor of London got on at the Conservative Party Conference.

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From Series 7, Episode 3. Featuring: Russell Howard.