Room 101. Frank Skinner. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Room 101 (2012)

BBC One panel show / chat show about pet hates. 56 episodes (7 series), 2012 - 2018. Stars Frank Skinner.

Series 7, Highlights Special is repeated on Dave on Sunday 7th March at 8:40pm.

Video Clips

Why does Katherine Ryan dislike marathons?

Katherine Ryan wants to send marathons to the depths of Room 101.

From Series 7, Episode 7. Featuring: Frank Skinner, Katherine Ryan.

What upsets Chris Kamara when he takes a train?

Chris Karama gets upset when men don't give up their seats for women when on the train.

From Series 7, Episode 5. Featuring: Frank Skinner, Chris Kamara.

How does Jimmy Carr feel about tax loopholes?

Jimmy Carr wants to send tax loopholes into Room 101.

From Series 7, Episode 3. Featuring: Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr.

What's upsetting Charlie Brooker

Frank Skinner discusses Charlie Brooker's dislike of doing anything he doesn't want to do.

From Series 7, Episode 1. Featuring: Frank Skinner, Charlie Brooker.