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Room 101

Room 101 (2012)

  • TV panel show / chat show
  • BBC One
  • 2012 - 2018
  • 56 episodes (7 series)

Frank Skinner hosts Room 101, where celebrities compete in a series of themed rounds to get their most hated item banished forever.

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Press clippings

Frank Skinner reveals the one 'mistake' he made which led to Room 101 getting axed

"I made the mistake of asking [BBC's chief content officer] Charlotte Moore at a meeting what she'd personally put into Room 101, given the choice, and shortly after that we were decommissioned."

Matthew Cox, Daily Mail, 13th February 2024

Frank Skinner's Room 101 axed after 7 series

Frank Skinner has revealed that his BBC One comic chat show, Room 101, has been cancelled.

British Comedy Guide, 25th July 2018

Ten memorable Room 101 moments

As host Frank Skinner announces that 'Room 101 is dead', we look back at some memorable moments from the show

Chortle, 25th July 2018

Frank Skinner returns to his den of disgruntlement for a new run of Orwellian humbuggery. Tonight's panel comprises Goggleboxer Scarlett Moffatt, Tardis tenant Pearl Mackie and Britain's grouch laureate Charlie Brooker. Life experiences being lined up on the conveyor belt of calamity tonight include foot-based faux pas Crocs, the awkwardness accompanying a haircut and the little cylinder of sadness accompanying every visit to a hotel since time immemorial: the UHT milk carton.

Mark Gibbings-Jones, The Guardian, 12th January 2018

Frank Skinner: not drinking makes him a better dad

Frank Skinner believes being teetotal makes him a better parent.

Sophia Moir, Metro, 12th January 2018

Preview - Room 101

The final episode in the current series sees Frankie Boyle, Diane Morgan and Nicola Adams trying to persuade Frank Skinner to get rid of the things they hate the most.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 17th March 2017

Preview - Room 101

Frank Skinner returns for a sixth series of the Orwellian comedy where guests try to get rid of their pet hates forever.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 13th January 2017

Frank Skinner clears some space in a basement bulging with bugbears, as a fresh series of the comedy panel show beckons.Catherine Tate, Nigel Havers and TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal offer pet peeves for Skinner's Orwellian alcove; picks from the pissed-off participants include try-hard hipster restaurants, prearranged paparazzi shoots and - in a move that may well goad viewers into using a BBC bias hashtag or 10 - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mark Gibbings-Jones, The Guardian, 13th January 2017

Frank Skinner ready for the big 60

He quips: "At the moment, there's quite a big debate in the house about whether I should have a party or not. As someone said, 'it might be your last chance to have a party with an '0' on the end'."

The Express and Star, 12th January 2017

Radio Times review

Comedian James Acaster kicks things off nicely with his first pet hate, which is simply: geese. They are "the worst of all the animals," he argues via a nice routine on their lairy attitude. Which naturally is topped by host Frank Skinner, who goes off at a tangent with a story about geese and Rod Stewart - and as we know, Skinner's tangents and flights of fancy are what hold the show aloft, when it would otherwise be little more than "Gripe Idol". His routine about his tea-making approach is wonderful and leaves Heston Blumenthal spluttering in despair. Also on tonight: Kirsty Wark, who really doesn't like plastic flowers.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 2nd February 2016

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