Rob Beckett's Undeniable. Rob Beckett. Copyright: Monkey Kingdom
Rob Beckett's Undeniable

Rob Beckett's Undeniable

  • TV panel show
  • Comedy Central
  • 2021
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Panel show based around facts and trivia. Stars Rob Beckett.

  • Episode 2 repeated Wednesday at 2:30am on Comedy Central

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Series 1, Episode 2

Rob Beckett's Undeniable. Image shows from L to R: Ivo Graham, Fay Ripley, Rob Beckett. Copyright: Monkey Kingdom
The host welcomes actress Fay Ripley and comedians Ivo Graham, Darren Harriott and Bobby Mair, who bring their finest and funniest trivia to get on Rob's cherished Wall of Facts.

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Rob Beckett invites guests Fay Ripley, Ivo Graham, Darren Harriott and Bobby Mair to bring as many brilliant facts as they can in an attempt to impress everyone and hopefully get on Rob's closely guarded Wall of Facts.

Teamed up in pairs, they are asked to work out the second half of some truly mind-blowing facts, decipher Facts from Fibs (Is there really a Ski-Thru McDonald's? And does the Pope really have three stunt doubles?) as well as throwing some of their own trivia out there in the hope of getting more points.

As well as revealing she has letters after her own name and is a '10' in the bedroom, Fay Ripley surprises everyone with her hilarious fact about giving Robert de Niro acting advice.

Darren Harriott gives a masterclass in facts about Kanye West.

Bobby attempts to bamboozle his opponents with a story about the longest bout of hiccups ever recorded.

And each team is challenged with spotting Facts from Fibs hidden within archive about the internet and the state of Florida. We find out why it's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland, and why does Ivo Graham know so many facts about The Apprentice? As they take on the final quickfire round, which team will be the undeniable winners and who will end up with the most on Rob's Wall of Facts?


Ivo and Fay won, 5 points to 4.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 6th October 2021
Comedy Central
60 minutes


  1. Wednesday 6th March 2024 at 2:30am on Comedy Central

Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 10th October 2021 1:00am CC Extra
Monday 11th October 2021 11:00pm Comedy Central
Saturday 20th November 2021 12:40am Comedy Central
Thursday 25th November 2021 12:20am Comedy Central
Wednesday 12th January 2022 2:00am CC Extra
Saturday 15th January 2022 2:00am CC Extra
Tuesday 22nd February 2022 11:50pm Comedy Central
Monday 4th April 2022 11:00pm Comedy Central
Sunday 18th September 2022 3:45am CC Extra

Cast & crew

Rob Beckett Host / Presenter
Jessica Knappett Announcer
Guest cast
Ivo Graham Guest
Darren Harriott Guest
Bobby Mair Guest
Fay Ripley Guest
Writing team
Phil Kerr Writer (Additional Material)
Jake Lambert Writer (Additional Material)
James Menzies Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Diccon Ramsay Director
Isabel Forte Series Producer
Tom Baker Producer
Simon Winkler Producer
Will MacDonald Executive Producer
Toby Brack Executive Producer
Tris Foster Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Roger Williams Lighting Designer
Julia Smith Lighting Designer
Claire Zolkwer Commissioning Editor


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