Character guide

Ratburger. Gary (Mark Benton). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: Mark Benton

Zoe's dad Gary used to work in an ice-cream factory packing boxes - his dream was to invent a new icecream which he would sell to make his family rich. But, sadly his wife died and then also the factory closed down. He met and married Sheila and is now forced to do lots of dead end jobs, to help fund Sheila's prawn cocktail crisps habit.

Ratburger. Zoe (Talia Barnett). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: Talia Barnett

Zoe is very kind, thoughtful and sensitive, but, tough, determined and resilient too. She lives with her dad Gary and stepmother Sheila. Her only friend is Harry and she is bullied by Tina.

Ratburger. Sheila (Sheridan Smith). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: Sheridan Smith

Sheila has been hitched a few times (no one ever knows what happened to her ex-husbands) and is now married to Gary, and is a rather lax stepmother to Zoe. She is a big fan of daytime television and spends most of her time watching it, while eating countless packets of prawn cocktail crisps.

Ratburger. Burt (David Walliams). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: David Walliams

Burt owns Burt's Burger Van, which he often sets up outside the school - as the pupils are his best customers. His burgers (made of dubious meat) and his special sauce are particularly popular.

Ratburger. Mr Fellows (Nigel Planer). Copyright: King Bert Productions

Mr Fellows

Played by: Nigel Planer

Mr Fellows is the headmaster at Zoe's school. He's rather strict and humourless.

Ratburger. Miss Maxwell (Sophie Thompson). Copyright: King Bert Productions

Miss Maxwell

Played by: Sophie Thompson

Miss Maxwell teaches at Zoe's school and is in charge of the school talent contest.

Ratburger. D.C. Grey (Sarah Hadland). Copyright: King Bert Productions

D.C. Grey

Played by: Sarah Hadland

The local detective constable, who works alongside WPC Budd.

Ratburger. W.P.C. Budd (Jocelyn Jee Esien). Copyright: King Bert Productions

W.P.C. Budd

WPC Budd works with DC Grey, trying to solve local crimes.

Ratburger. Charlie Jacobs (Ben Bailey Smith). Copyright: King Bert Productions

Charlie Jacobs

Played by: Ben Bailey Smith

Charlie Jacobs is a famous TV chef - and a big fan of healthy fast food.

Ratburger. Raj (Harish Patel). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: Harish Patel

Raj runs the local newsagents. He's a very jolly man and lots of schoolchildren love to go and see him. He's friendly with all of them and knows their names. Raj tries to be a canny businessman with lots of 'special' offers (which aren't particularly special).

Ratburger. Tina Trotts (Tillie Amartey). Copyright: King Bert Productions

Tina Trotts

Played by: Tillie Amartey

Tina is the school bully, and she's tough and scary. Though, like most bullies, she's deeply insecure.

Ratburger. Harry (George Kent). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: George Kent

Zoe's friend - he's flamboyant and excitable, and very kind and thoughtful.

Ratburger. Chloe (Charlotte Marsh). Copyright: King Bert Productions


Played by: Charlotte Marsh

A talented singer at Zoe's school, she's a teacher's pet with a mean streak.

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