Richard Ayoade to host Question Team on Dave

Wednesday 5th May 2021, 8:11am

  • Richard Ayoade is to host Question Team, a Dave panel show in which the panellists set the questions
  • Ayoade says: "I have agreed to be in this show and, for now at least, it looks like it's going ahead"
Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade is to host Question Team, a panel show series for channel Dave that "sets out to re-write the panel show rulebook by making its players set the questions."

The channel explains: "In every episode Richard invites three comedians to join his Question Team. In a brazen act of indolence, Richard is outsourcing the lion's share of the preparation to his guests by demanding they each bring a unique round of questions, inspired by their own interests for him and the others to play. Richard's sole stipulation is that their questions have proper answers, otherwise what goes down during their game is entirely up to them."

As reported by British Comedy Guide in February 2020, the format was originally in development under the title Who's Asking?. Preparation on the pilot was delayed due to coronavirus.

In a comedic statement, Richard Ayoade says: "I have agreed to be in this show and, for now at least, it looks like it's going ahead."

Channel Dave will air eight hour-long episodes of the show.

Commissioner Iain Coyle comments: "The show is so exciting, the possibilities are endless. It's an amazing platform for emerging talent and a brilliant vehicle for Richard."

Dave channel director Steve North adds: "It's wonderful to welcome Richard Ayoade to the channel for a show that only he could make! Question Team is sure to be a brilliant addition to the channel's biggest ever slate of brand-new programming that we're announcing today."

Jamie Ormerod from producers Interstellar says: "'What happens when you put comedians in charge of a quiz?' is not a question Richard Ayoade had ever asked himself; so, we are thrilled he has agreed to help us, and the good people at Dave answer it. The response from talent has been fantastic, they've really grasped the creative challenge of the show. We can't wait to share their brilliant games with the world."

Question Team will air later this year on Dave. It is one of a number of commissions announced for Dave today. The channel also revealed Outsiders hosted by David Mitchell, The Island hosted by Tom Allen, comedic travel show British As Folk and Meet The Richardsons Series 3.

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