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Blood Actually: "A Murder They Hope Mystery"

Murder, They Hope. Image shows left to right: Duncan (Clive Russell), Bella (Anita Dobson), David (Peter Davison), Catherine (Rose Ayling-Ellis), Jim (Jack Carroll), Robert (Ed Kear), Samuel (Samuel Anderson), Terry (Johnny Vegas), Gemma (Sian Gibson), Susan (Rosie Cavaliero), Annette (Jane Horrocks), John (Martin Kemp), Monica (Sarah Hadland), Willy Watkins (Lee Mack), Patricia (Sherrie Hewson), Martin (Robert Webb)
It's Christmas and Gemma has hired a lovely cottage in a quaint village. Terry spots that the village has a Santa competition, but things take a dark turn as competitors start being killed off in a host of warped and festive ways.

Further details

It's Christmas and Gemma has hired a lovely cottage in a quaint village, whilst Terry has been learning to cook the perfect Christmas dinner. It s going to be the best Christmas ever.

Terry spots that the village has a Santa competition, but things take a dark turn as competitors start being killed off in a host of warped and festive ways.

Who is the killer? What is it about the residents of this far flung village that is so unsettling? And can Terry finish preparing the dinner of his dreams AND solve the murders in time for Xmas lunch?

Character guides

DAVID (Peter Davison)

Murder, They Hope. David (Peter Davison)

Cheery, bustling, intrusive and smothering - and completely blind to it all. Craving company and love, David is a widower who has turned what was his family home, into the village's only Airbnb.

MARTIN (Robert Webb)

Murder, They Hope. Martin (Robert Webb)

The village's local copper, proudly refers to himself as 'the law around these parts' but he isn't really sure what it means. Authoritative but completely clueless.

ANNETTE (Jane Horrocks)

Murder, They Hope. Annette (Jane Horrocks)

Martin's wife and local butcher, very stern, likes the village as it is.

JIM (Jack Carroll)

Murder, They Hope. Jim (Jack Carroll)

Scruffy and needy, resents the village and everyone in it - he's been hired and quite soon after fired by almost every workplace in the village. Quite quick witted but kept in his place.

ROBERT (Ed Kear)

Murder, They Hope. Robert (Ed Kear)

A real try-hard, teachers' pet, but one of life's losers. Has never won anything ever but his ongoing mediocrity puts the fire in his belly that he needs to only fail over and over again.

SUSAN (Rosie Cavaliero)

Murder, They Hope. Susan (Rosie Cavaliero)

Bustling and jolly, bit of a control freak but easily charmed. The type of person who forces everyone into organised fun.

BELLA (Anita Dobson)

Murder, They Hope. Bella (Anita Dobson)

Highly strung landlady, always tense and anxious, absolutely worships her husband and does everything for him and for the pub expecting nothing in return. Forever busying herself with duties, with no thanks.

DUNCAN (Clive Russell)

Murder, They Hope. Duncan (Clive Russell)

Tall intimidating landlord. Deep voiced and confident, lets his wife do all the work other than the dangerous job of locking up the pub on a night.

JOHN (Martin Kemp)

Murder, They Hope. John (Martin Kemp)

Tall, blue eyed and gorgeous. Everyone loves him but he knows it, this guy oozes natural charm.

SAMUEL (Samuel Anderson)

Murder, They Hope. Samuel (Samuel Anderson)

Tall, charming, energetic and fun. Always thinks outside the box and has to be different to be better in every way. Keeps his opinions about the village to himself but always gets involved with a smile on his face.

CATHERINE (Rose Ayling-Ellis)

Murder, They Hope. Catherine (Rose Ayling-Ellis)

An unnerving presence who carries a warning. Prefers animals to humans and is at her peace in the woodland.

GAVIN (Terry Mynott)

A very sweet guy, nice and welcoming, does what he is told but doesn't fit in with the rest of the villagers.

Broadcast details

Saturday 16th December 2023
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 17th December 2023 5:40pm Gold
Thursday 21st December 2023 3:40pm Gold
Friday 22nd December 2023 9:00pm Gold
Sunday 24th December 2023 5:40pm Gold
Monday 25th December 2023 9:00pm Gold

Cast & crew

Sian Gibson Gemma
Johnny Vegas Terry
Sarah Hadland Monica
Lee Mack Willy Watkins
Guest cast
Sherrie Hewson Patricia
Rose Ayling-Ellis Catherine
Peter Davison David
Anita Dobson Bella
Jane Horrocks Annette
Martin Kemp John
Robert Webb Martin
Terry Mynott Gavin
Jack Carroll Jim
Ed Kear Robert
Rosie Cavaliero Susan
Clive Russell Duncan
Samuel Anderson Samuel
Writing team
Jason Cook Writer
Graham Duff Script Editor
Production team
Ed Bye Director
Andrew Harvey Producer
Pete Thornton Executive Producer
Mollie Freedman Berthoud Executive Producer
Sarah Asante Executive Producer
Jason Cook Associate Producer
Anna Jancs├│ Line Producer
Mark Wybourn Editor
Thorin Thompson Production Designer
Tracey Gillham Casting Director
Roy Estabrook Director of Photography
Toni Lee Make-up Designer
Peter Edwards Director of Photography
Nadine Hindi Costume Designer
Claire Grossmith 1st Assistant Director


Blood Actually: A Murder, They Hope Mystery review

All-star cast meet gruesome ends straight out of Midsomer Murders.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 18th December 2023

Blood Actually: A Murder, They Hope Mystery review

Even aside from the fnar fnar gags about bed-hopping villagers, the humour in this easily digested comedy is broader than a snowman's smile.

Ed Power, i Newspaper, 17th December 2023

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