Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. Michael McIntyre. Copyright: Open Mike Productions
Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow

Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow

  • TV stand-up
  • BBC One
  • 2009 - 2011
  • 13 episodes (2 series)

Stand-up series hosted by Michael McIntyre. The comic introduces acts from various venues around Britain. Stars Michael McIntyre.

Press clippings

Michael McIntyre earns £5million in two years

Comic Michael McIntyre has shown that funny means money after amassing a massive £5million in just two years.

Colin Robertson, The Sun, 4th January 2012

McIntyre's Xmas Roadshow receives rave reviews

Michael McIntrye's Christmas Comedy Roadshow received rave reviews from those who watched the comedian and his special guests at the Theatre Royal.

Metro, 26th December 2011

Michael McIntyre gets Christmas Roadshow

BBC One has commissioned a Christmas special of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow.

British Comedy Guide, 30th June 2011

Michael McIntyre: I'm not going to crack America

"I'm not going to crack America. I'm staying, sorry. It's taken me long enough to sort things out here and I don't want to start again somewhere else."

Andrew Williams, Metro, 14th December 2010

Michael McIntyre: 'Some critics annoy me'

Michael McIntyre has admitted that he is annoyed by some critics of his work.

Digital Spy, 10th November 2010

Video: Michael McIntyre describes his tricky start

Michael McIntyre admits to BBC Breakfast that his early career wasn't quite as fruitful.

BBC Breakfast, 27th October 2010

Michael McIntyre interview

He appears in front of hundreds of thousands of fans every year, tops the bestseller charts and hosts his own primetime TV show. But Michael McIntyre, who earns millions for making people laugh, thinks he's a loser.

Brian McIver, Daily Record, 25th October 2010

Tonight's main guest is Irish comic Ardal O'Hanlon, at whom it's still difficult to look without seeing Dougal, the simple-minded priest from Father Ted with trouble distinguishing between "small" and "far away". Jolly bemusement remains a crucial element of O'Hanlon's act, but he regularly subverts expectations with his smart and faintly surreal asides - for example, the assertion that Ryanair have now become so crafty that they're charging for emotional baggage.

Sam Richards, The Telegraph, 23rd October 2010

Thanks to a spread of guests ranging from mediocre to tolerable, McIntyre's last stop on his televised tour is underwhelming. Headline act Ardal O'Hanlon peddles his usual awkward material with sloppy delivery. Canadian comic Sean Collins and Londoner Andi Osho seem to impress the audience (made up of most of the Emmerdale cast including Pauline Quirke), but would surely be hard pressed to squeeze a smirk from a crowd not already lubricated by such a clever compere. McIntyre is in Leeds for the last leg, so naturally he's tried to think of some funny things to say about the locals. He does well, picking them up on their tendency not to say "the" and also gently mocking Yorkshire folks' love of a carvery. His material isn't pioneering (at times it's pretty thin), but when he adds a silly walk and his twangy delivery, it usually comes together.

Ruth Margolis, Radio Times, 23rd October 2010

Andi Osho interview

In our regular interview spot here on the blog, we're pleased to catch up with Andi Osho and pose the following important questions...

BBC Comedy, 23rd October 2010

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