Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!. Kenneth Williams (Michael Sheen).

Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!

BBC Four comedy drama. 1 episode in 2006. Stars Michael Sheen.

Press Clippings

Though overlong and episodic, this 2006 drama based on Kenneth Williams's diaries is worth sticking with for a tour de force from Michael Sheen as the tormented comedian. He has the trademark flaring nostrils and almost insane, leering campness beautifully nailed down, but his real skill lies in the delicate unpeeling of the many layers of Williams's complicated personality. There are flashbacks to his dreary childhood but Fantabulosa! homes in on Williams's glory years in Hancock's Half Hour and Carry On films. Thanks to his unsparing, posthumously published diaries, there's little private left of Williams's private life. We know, for instance, of Williams's fear of his own homosexuality, and Sheen portrays the comic's unsatisfactory encounters with great poignancy.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 10th April 2011