Hotel Trubble. Image shows from L to R: Jamie (Sam Phillips), Sally (Dominique Moore), Lenny (Gary Damer). Copyright: BBC.

Hotel Trubble

CBBC and BBC One and BBC Two sitcom. 39 episodes (3 series), 2008 - 2011. Stars Dominique Moore, Gary Damer, Sam Phillips, Sheila Bernette and Tanya Franks.

Series 1

1. Royal Trubble

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th December 2008

A royal imposter makes impossible demands and the hopeless staff hold it together.


2. Verity Lumiere

First broadcast: Thursday 25th December 2008

Receptionist Sally must try to keep her temper when a film star arrives at the hotel.


3. Fired!

First broadcast: Friday 26th December 2008

Alan Sugarfree arrives to make the hotel more efficient, Apprentice style.


4. Tall Tales

First broadcast: Monday 29th December 2008

The team tries to convince Lenny's mother that he is the manager of the hotel.


5. Spies Like Us

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th December 2008

A thief poses as a spy in order to steal Mr Trubble's diamond from the hotel safe.


6. Demolition Day

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st December 2008

Two excitable demolition thugs inform Jamie that the hotel is to be knocked down.


7. The Amazing Armando

First broadcast: Thursday 1st January 2009

A famous magician visits the hotel, and Lenny makes his glamorous assistant vanish.


8. High Trubble Musical

First broadcast: Friday 2nd January 2009

The staff must put on a fabulous performance for Mr Trubble's birthday.


9. X Marks The Spot

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th January 2009

The adventurer Dr Windy Banana Bones comes to relax and rest at Hotel Trubble.


10. Monkey Business

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Celebrity gorilla Lionel disappears during his stay at the hotel.


11. A Sistery Mystery

First broadcast: Tuesday 10th February 2009

Could two nuns have anything to do with the menace playing pranks around the hotel?


12. Fright Knight

First broadcast: Tuesday 17th February 2009

Thanks to their resident ghost, the hotel staff get themselves on Most Haunted Live.


13. Dribble Versus Trubble

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th February 2009

The evil staff of Hotel Dribble run a campaign to put Hotel Trubble out of business.