Hotel Trubble. Image shows from L to R: Jamie (Sam Phillips), Sally (Dominique Moore), Lenny (Gary Damer). Copyright: BBC.

Hotel Trubble

CBBC and BBC One and BBC Two sitcom. 39 episodes (3 series), 2008 - 2011. Stars Dominique Moore, Gary Damer, Sam Phillips, Sheila Bernette and Tanya Franks.

Series 3

1. An Unconventional Convention

First broadcast: Monday 15th August 2011

Excited about a new film, Outer Space Aliens from Outer Space, Lenny and Jamie persuade Dolly to host a sci-fi convention at the hotel. The arrival of sci-fi nerds in costume results in the staff completely missing the arrival of a real alien - a demanding Splurgian warrior who will stop at nothing to get hold of some precious power minerals.


2. Dragon's Den

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th August 2011

The gang are ecstatic when fearsome businessman Duncan Banana-Time agrees to film the final of his famous TV show at the hotel - as long as nothing annoys him in any way. Unfortunately, a very irritating autograph hunter checks in.


3. The Musical

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th August 2011

Jamie decides to stage a Hotel Trubble Musical and then does not cast Dolly in a lead role. Fuming, Dolly blows the hotel emergency fund on employing Lord Andrew Lloyd-Blubber to put on a rival show. Will the staff fall out permenantly or will Lenny's song, Fingers in your Face, save the day?


4. Takahashi

First broadcast: Thursday 18th August 2011

Mr Takahashi, an extremely rude businessman, comes to stay but Jamie is sure he is actually a Hotel of the Year mystery judge and bends over backwards trying to keep him happy. However, it is actually Dolly, and her mysterious past, that makes Mr Takahashi's day.


5. Super Trubble

First broadcast: Friday 19th August 2011

Mr Trubble pits the branches of Hotel Trubble against one another in a webcam competition to find the most boring branch and shut it down. So, it is the worst possible time for Dolly to hold the World's Dullest Person competition. Can Lenny's obsession with superheroes save the day?


6. Snoopergirl

First broadcast: Monday 22nd August 2011

Receptionist Sally has been revealing the secrets of the hotel's celebrity guests on her Snoopergirl blog. When top US popstar, Jenny Montenny, comes to stay, Dolly and Jamie join forces to prevent Sally discovering the secret the singer is hiding.


7. Offensive

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Mr Trubble's fearsome Auntie Phyllis is coming to stay in order to size up whether Dolly is a suitable girlfriend for her beloved nephew. Everyone has to be on their best behaviour - so it is the worst possible time for outrageous popstar Lady Gaahouse to turn up.


8. Bell Boy Bot

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th August 2011

Determined to win a HIYA, Hotel Improvement Award, Dolly buys a swish new Bellboybot 2000. Jamie is suspicious of the new arrival, but the rest of the staff think he is just jealous. Can Jamie save his unsuspecting friends from the robot's evil plans for hotel domination?


9. American President

First broadcast: Thursday 25th August 2011

The American President secretly checks into Hotel Trubble, relying for his safety on the fact that no one will look for him at such a rubbish, cheap fleapit. When he gets locked in the toilet, leaving Lenny looking after a laptop that will enact any law he chooses, things start to get seriously silly.


10. Fashion Phonies

First broadcast: Friday 26th August 2011

It is the Best Dressed Hotel Staff Awards and, this year, the staff are determined to win. They are also just as determined to get rid of the troop of ramblers, sheep and farmers currently using the public footpath that Lenny has allowed to go through the hotel. Can they convince expert Thingy that they are the most stylish staff in the land?


11. Time Trubble

First broadcast: Monday 29th August 2011

After the Wacky Inventors Convention leave behind a time machine, Jamie finds himself running from the Normans in Ye Olde Hotel Trubble. In the modern-day hotel, Henry VIII is on the prowl for another wife, or three, to add to his collection.


12. Britain's Most Boring Bellboy

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th August 2011

Presenter Barney arrives to make a programme about bellboys. Jamie's ecstatic, until he finds out Barney's making a show called Britain's Most Boring Bellboys. Can Jamie prove he's too exciting to be on Barney's hotel-wrecking show?


13. Trubble 4011

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st August 2011

In the year 4011, Hotel Trubble spins in near-Earth orbit. Dolly is a head in a jar, Lenny is a robot and Mr Trubble still hasn't visited. Everyone is bored, then the mysterious Salgar turns up to give a presentation on Hotel Management - reminding them what fun they used to have in the olden days.