Heading Out. Sara Ford (Sue Perkins). Copyright: Red Production Company / Square Peg TV.

Heading Out

BBC Two sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars Sue Perkins, Joanna Scanlan, Nicola Walker, Dominic Coleman, Shelley Conn and Steve Oram.

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Hardly anyone likes Heading Out, it's been kicked to death then dumped in a shallow grave by audiences and critics, so it's perverse to make it recommended viewing. Except I like it. I know it's as annoying and stupid as everyone says it is. But it's harmless and it doesn't try to be novel or pioneering, and I've laughed at least once at each episode. But never mind, it ends tonight as hapless vet Sara at last decides she absolutely MUST come out to her parents. Cue a disastrous dinner party.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 2nd April 2013

Despite the likeability of Sue Perkins's geeky-gawky vet Sara, this sitcom has relied on hackneyed set-ups and caricatures. In tonight's finale, it's D-Day, when Sara vows to tell her parents she's gay. Joanna Scanlan chomps through what remains of the scenery as Sara's New Age therapist.

Vicki Power, The Telegraph, 2nd April 2013

Final episode of the immensely enjoyable sitcom written by and starring Sue Perkins as a gay vet. The day has finally come for Sara (Perkins) to come out to her parents, but first an almost French farce-style mousetrap must be set to ensure that it's even more difficult, embarrassing and disaster-strewn than she could have possibly imagined. What this last episode lacks in believable plotting it more than makes up for in gags and snakebite antidotes. Roll on series two.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 2nd April 2013

Excitable vet Sara and her daft friends spend a hellish night in the chilly ancestral home of her barking-mad life coach Toria. It turns out Toria's hearty parents are as bonkers as she is, which is just as well as Toria wants Sara (Sue Perkins) to practise on them how she will come out as a lesbian to her own mum and dad. Toria's family (motto "Kill Them All"), including Dawn French in a grey wig as Toria's mum, is impertinently intrusive and the night is full of farcical misunderstandings as well as ghostly noises on the landing.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 26th March 2013

It's not a revolutionary sitcom, but that may well be the clandestine unique selling point of Heading Out: it places a gay character unremarkably at the centre of things, and lets her get on with it. Tonight, Sara (Sue Perkins) builds up to coming out to her own parents, by first telling someone else's: in this case, the Wodehousian eccentrics who gave issue to Toria, her life coach (the ace Joanna Scanlan). Best friends Jamie and Justine are, of course, on board for the reasonably amusing ride.

John Robinson, The Guardian, 26th March 2013