Taskmaster Series 16 launches 21st September

Wednesday 6th September 2023, 2:09pm

Taskmaster. Image shows left to right: Sam Campbell, Sue Perkins, Susan Wokoma, Greg Davies, Alex Horne, Julian Clary, Lucy Beaumont

Channel 4 has confirmed that Series 16 of Taskmaster will debut on Thursday 21st September.

The broadcaster says: "The omniscient, omnipotent and omnivorous Taskmaster Greg Davies and his stunningly efficient assistant Alex Horne are back on their respective thrones as the BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning Taskmaster launches at 9pm on Thursday 21st September on Channel 4.

"Ready to test the mettle of a brand-new set of comics sat before them on much smaller chairs, the quivering quintet who have willingly placed their careers in Greg's soft hands are: Julian Clary; comedy actor, writer and stand-up Lucy Beaumont; multi-award winning stand-up Sam Campbell; presenter, writer and comedian Sue Perkins; and actor, writer and director Susan Wokoma.

"Week by week this fragrant five will wrangle giant ducks, design fresh sausages and create googly-eyed gangs as they seek to attract a word of praise from the Taskmaster. When the dust has settled after 10 gruelling episodes, one contestant will rise from their little seat to collect the coolest prize on TV: a big gold head plonked on a small wooden plinth."

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