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Frankie Boyle's Rehabilitation Programme

Frankie Boyle's Rehabilitation Programme

  • TV chat show that was never made
  • Channel 4
  • 2011

Frankie Boyle follow-up Channel 4 project after Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights. Also features Reginald D Hunter, Jack Whitehall and Afua Hirsch.

Key details

Chat Show
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Channel 4
Frankie Boyle, Reginald D Hunter, Jack Whitehall and Afua Hirsch
Dominic English, Aiden Spackman, Shaun Pye, Dan Swimer, Charlie Skelton and Neil Webster
Richard Valentine
Greg Bower, Russell Balkind, Richard Osman, Peter Holmes, Ruth Phillips and Frankie Boyle

Pilot from Frankie Boyle, following on from the critically panned and highly controversial sketch show Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights.

Frankie Boyle's Rehabilitation Programme is a topical, argument-fuelled studio pilot in which Frankie is confronted by celebrities and members of the public who attempt to change his uncompromising world view in a series of funny, informed debates.

People going up against Frankie might be excited about the upcoming Stone Roses reunion, passionate about caravanning, or massive Twilight fans - "Frankie isn't, and he'll happily tell them why they're all really, really wrong."

Producers, with tongue firmly in cheek, says: "It's very much like Parkinson or Wogan, but with paedo jokes."

Channel 4's Shane Allen told The Guardian: "Frankie is just a bit pissed off that he's portrayed as this one-setting shock machine. He's a very politically aware, bright bloke who wants to show his intellectual muscle a bit more."

The pilot of Frankie Boyle's Rehabilitation Programme was recorded 1st December with guests Jack Whitehall and Reginald D Hunter. Produced by Endemol.

In January 2012 it was revealed that Channel 4 would not be going forward with the project. News story

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Recording details

  • Riverside Studios - Run-throughs on 8th, 11th, 22nd and 24th November 2011. Pilot at Riverside Studio 1st December 2011

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