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  • TV sitcom
  • BBC iPlayer
  • 2019 - 2021
  • 18 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom about five teens heading into adulthood. Stars Theo Stevenson, Tallulah Greive, Richard Wisker, Nethra Tilakumara, Grace Hogg-Robinson and more.

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Series 1, Episode 7 - Cosplay

The gang discover that Mel is into cosplay, and are soon all giving it a go.

Further details

Craig finds out that Mel is into cosplay - dressing up as her favourite fantasy/sci-fi characters. But when she tries it at the Megabowl, Craig 2 comes down on it like a ton of bricks and Mel is really upset. She storms round to rant at Craig, who - glad of some company - agrees to give cosplay a go. And when he finds his character, he really gets into it.

As do Yasmin - come to look for Lauren - and, eventually, Lauren herself. They decide to hit the Megabowl and show Craig 2 what he's missing. But Mel gets cold feet when some local kids start taunting them - and when he learns why it's so important to Mel, superhero Craig rides to the rescue.

Back at the flat, Yasmin reveals that she's avoiding going home to dinner with a potential Asian suitor her parents have organised. She wants to stay - a day, maybe more...? But now Declan's moved out, there's a spare room - and, to Craig's mixed delight and horror, Yasmin moves in.

Broadcast details

Thursday 22nd August 2019
BBC iPlayer
28 minutes, 51 seconds


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 22nd November 2019 2:00am BBC2

Cast & crew

Theo Stevenson Craig
Tallulah Greive Lauren
Richard Wisker Declan
Nethra Tilakumara Yasmin
Grace Hogg-Robinson Mel
Jade Ogugua Alex
Oliver Clayton Russ
Jordan Dawes Craig 2
Guest cast
Joseph Ayre Hoodie Bully
Writing team
Jess Kedward Writer
Kirsty Peart Writer
Matthew Leys (as Matt Leys) Script Editor
Production team
Louise NĂ­ Fhiannachta Director
Raymond Lau Producer
Steven Andrew Executive Producer
Bruce Abrahams Line Producer
Alan Levy Editor
Nicola Moroney Production Designer
Kevin Riddle Casting Director
Marion McCarthy Costume Designer
Ray Carlin Director of Photography
Clare Ramsey Make-up Designer
Mark Gordon Composer
Emma Grattan Graphics
Darren Fee 1st Assistant Director
Melissa Hardinge Commissioning Editor

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