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Fear, Stress And Anger. Martin (Peter Davison). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


AKA: Martin Chadwick.  Played by: Peter Davison

When Martin is sent home to be a 'consultant' to the advertising agency he has worked in loyally and dynamically for many years, he suddenly finds he's answerable to his former assistant, who he refers to as 'this 12-year-old twiglet'.

Martin gets deeply anxious over plumbers and his fading libido. His guilt over putting his mum in a nursing home means he keeps bringing her back to the house which is driving his loving wife Julie closer to a mental breakdown. It doesn't help that Martin has an unerring ability to screw up absolutely everything he attempts!

Fear, Stress And Anger. Julie (Pippa Haywood). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


AKA: Julie Chadwick.  Played by: Pippa Haywood

Julie is the member of the family who is keeping it all together - but only just. Although she's still happily married to Martin her deepening fear of finding that her life has been a waste of time has brought her stress levels up somewhat.

The fact Gran keeps reappearing, the daughters are still living at home, she's working full-time at the local Town Hall, which is mind-bogglingly frustrating and doing all the cooking probably isn't helping things.

Fear, Stress And Anger. Chloe (Georgia Tennant). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


AKA: Chloe Chadwick.  Played by: Georgia Tennant (as Georgia Moffett)

Chloe is what you might call "a little bit blonde" - not always with it intellectually, but sweet and innocent.

Happy Chloe doesn't realise she's missed the point, as no-one tells her. She's very family-orientated, loves living at home and loves her Gran.

Fear, Stress And Anger. Lucy (Daisy Aitkens). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


AKA: Lucy Chadwick.  Played by: Daisy Aitkens

Lucy is the brains of the family. She left university and although she doesn't yet know what she want's to do with her life is very passionate about things, strong and independent. She's currently trying to deal with the fact that she is still living with her parents.

Although Lucy is fairly sensible she still likes to have a really good time with her friends on a night out.

Fear, Stress And Anger. Gran (Eileen Essell). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


Played by: Eileen Essell

Gran has a type of dementia which means she no longer speaks. However, she is very happy on the whole living in her own, smiley little world.

Her son Martin feels guilty putting about having put her in a nursing home and so she is regularly invited around to share time with the family. Chloe spends a lot of time with her gran, and often does her hair for her.

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