Early Doors. Image shows from L to R: Joe (Craig Cash), Duffy (Phil Mealey). Copyright: Phil McIntyre Entertainment.

Early Doors

BBC Two sitcom set in a pub. 12 episodes (2 series), 2003 - 2004. Stars John Henshaw, Craig Cash, Phil Mealey, Rita May and others.


This website is often asked what the theme music to this show is. It's "Small World" by Scottish singer-songwriter Roddy Frame. It is available on his album Surf (track three)

The title is reference to a British slang phrase which refers to customers who arrive at the pub in the afternoon just (or sometimes even before) the establishment re-opens its doors for the evening.

The characters of Jean and Winnie are named after the writers' mums. Craig Cash's mother is called Jean, and Phil Mealey's mother is called Winnie.

If you listen to Phil and Nige's police radios carefully, you can sometimes hear swearwords being spelt out in alphabetic code. This was an in-joke created by the writers.

Craig Cash and Phil Mealey went on to create 2008 comedy drama Sunshine, in which they cast Lisa Millett (bad mother Debbie in Early Doors) in the lead role. Other stars from this sitcom, including Rodney Litchfield (Tommy), also made appearances in the duo's drama.