D.O.A.. Image shows from L to R: Julie Wade (Karen Taylor), Tom Lassiter (Kris Marshall). Copyright: Channel K.


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DOA (BBC3) is a new comedy about ambulance drivers, starring Kris Marshall, the guy from that series of BT ads. One imagines he's been looking for an exit strategy for some time now. Could this be it?

It got off to a cracking start, with Marshall playing Tom, a junior doctor who's been downgraded to paramedic while awaiting a decision about a malpractice case ("You're the guy who took out the wrong lung," said a colleague). He's partnered with driver Julie, who sells sex toys from the back of the ambulance, and their first patient was a man who'd had his fingers bitten off by a pet alligator. It's quite funny, deeply gory and more than a little in love with its own sense of transgression. Each new character was more irredeemable than the last, and the whole thing was quickly swamped in blood-drenched, vomit-flecked excess. I've got no problem with DOA being in questionable taste - I am myself a man of questionable tastes - but I have no idea where they go from here. They used up a season's worth of fake barf in one go.

Tim Dowling, The Guardian, 24th October 2010

BT ad man and My Family graduate Kris Marshall rests those elastic chops in order to play it straight as a doctor who is forced to take a turn as a paramedic after an investigation into a botched operation implicates him in a patient's death. So begins a dark comedy pilot that manages to juggle on-screen projectile vomiting with washed-out, Getting On-style camerawork and wry gags about alligators as pets. At points it's a little too Psychoville, but with Kevin Eldon and Karen Taylor on board, it really should be turned into a full series.

The Guardian, 23rd October 2010

Watch brand new comedy DOA here first

That's right loyal readers, yet again we're giving you the chance to see our latest new comedy here online before it hits your TV screens this weekend.

Dana Stevens, BBC, 19th October 2010