Video clips

Dora Bryan re-wrote lines

The cast discuss the episode that Eric Sykes, Dame Thora Hird and Dora Bryan were on the show.

Personalised plates from Victoria Wood

The cast look back on the personalised plates that Victoria Wood had made for them all after each series finished.

A look back at the scripts

The cast looking at old scripts and discussing the read throughs before the live show.

Behind the scenes photos

The cast looking back fondly on old behind the scenes photos.

Cast lucky to have been involved

This clip is from episode 1 of dinnerladies diaries and features the cast discussing their involvement in the programme and how lucky they were to be in it.


dinnerladies diaries is the story of Victoria Wood's first sitcom, dinnerladies. Featuring never before seen footage of the making of dinnerladies, outtakes, bloopers deleted scenes and interviews with the cast. Maxine Peake, Julie Walters, Duncan Preston and Jo Brand feature as contributors. Starts Wednesday 14th March, 8pm on Gold

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